$HOP: Introducing the NEW SUNSHYNE CRIMES store!!!

I hope you’re all thoroughly enjoying this most delicious new year!!!  How’s it treating you so far?

Have you resolved to have a bit of a healthier and kinder year this year? Yes?

Well, keep those gorgeous peepers on this blog!!

Whether your goals are to overhaul that toxic makeup kit and replenish it with more natural products; be kinder to your skin and your health; or to live a more positive, kick ass and inspired life- I am here, fully equipped in my rock star eco warrior garb- to guide, protect and help you.

One of my BIGGEST aims this year is to hook up with some amazing kick ass brands and bring you the best organic, toxin free and high impact cosmetics and beauty gear around.  I’ll be hunting down the cream of the crop and researching the hell out of each and every product, to bring you the BEST natural and safe alternatives on the market- so you can finally give the boot to your old chemically-overloaded mascara and your poison-laced lippie!

I’m here to listen to what you want and what you need.  It’s time to LOVE yourself down to the core and be your true badass self!

Beauty from the inside as well as out 🙂

So whether you’re searching for the perfect organic/ mineral makeup or some beautiful lotions and potions for your hair, skin and face, make sure you BOOKMARK me, add me to your favourites, check in with me, and keep me in your line of sight!

AND- most importantly- CHECK OUT THE NEW STORE!!!

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OR -Click on the SHOP tab on this blog at the top, and click on the picture to be taken to the store.

Don’t forget to ask away if you have any questions, happy to help as always superstars! AND DO let me know if there are any products at the top of your wish list you’d love for me to get hold of for YOU.

Here’s to living a life of nourishment and kindness toward your good self this year!

Mucho amore  !!

Danee Sunshyne XOXOX

PS. If you are the CREATOR or DIRECTOR of a kick ass genuine, eco rock star uber awesome organic brand, please get in touch with me PRONTO! I’d love to talk with you about stocking your product.


MUSINGS : Aloha 2014!!

Hello my sensational sunshyne peeps!
Welcome to this glorious new year- are you ready to OWN it?
I know I sure am, and have emblazoned a cap with ‘BOSS’ in big bold sparkling neon letters in preparation (this may or may not be true).
In order to make any year boss-worthy its important to have some goals in mind of how you’re gonna achieve more boss-ness in your approach to life. How are you going to do things even better than before?
I have a few things I want to keep front of mind, and I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a doozy of a list below! A doozy!
This has been edited from my mile-long post-NYE hungover list, scribbled on a notepad and titled ‘I-have-to-do-everything-better-this-year-as-I-am-feeling-sorry-for-myself-and-have-many-mountains-of-things-I-need-to-improve-on’; to its current, kinder (and more logical) state.  I’ve culled all the obvious stuff like- be more available, drink less, answer your phone, stop impulse buying clothes all the time – and distilled it down to the very biggest, most primary things that I think are manageable.  It covers most aspects of the areas of my life I want to AMPLIFY, not necessarily CHANGE.
I haven’t made too many resolutions per se, as I usually resolve to do something straight away when I decide to do it- not always at the start of the year…I also try not to set any expectations too high. For me its more of a benchmark that I can refer to throughout the course of the year, to see how I’m tracking and if things that I’ve deemed important at the beginning of the year are even relevant or valid any more. It’s always a nice warm feeling to look back and see how far you’ve come in 12 months, isn’t it?
So, without further adieu…
I fully endeavour this year (as I do every day) to give more love, expectation free.  To live abundantly without motive, without obligation and without strings attached.  Just give out bucket loads of it when I can.  Even if it doesn’t always come back. That’s OK I’ve learned- its all part of this amazing, interconnected cosmic web of energy and eventually it will come around again, even if its not from the person it was directed to. Lessons learned from last year were many and important: you can’t always expect love and support from those you’d expect it from, and you can’t force it. You can only open yourself up and give as much as you can, always.  Oh, and something I was taught by my very wise mum- you can’t expect everyone to love you. Nuh uh. Just ain’t gonna happen.  Not every SINGLE person you encounter in your life will like you. Once you grasp this- wow.  All of a sudden you’re not trying to be everyone’s best friend! When you stop worrying if people like you, and realise that all you can be is the most loving and caring and abundant version of yourself as possible, its so freakin’ liberating. If others are down with that great! If not, move on up.
If I’m an open book, giving out love freely, nothing can harm me. Nothing. Only expectations, high standards and motives can cause harm, as they will shatter the perfect love-giving bubble and cause everything to crash down in a seething pile of negativity.  I don’t get down like that!
I plan to set my business alight and jump at EVERY opportunity!!!! To be bigger and bolder in every way I can and stop letting lack of self belief stand in the way of greatness! I can do it and I will do it is my new mantra. Last year I dipped my toe into a lot of new experiences and opportunities that were outside of my comfort zone, and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I’m a fiend for new adventures and doing things I haven’t done before. The payoff is amazing when you discover new skills, meet new people and make new connections- here’s to more o’ that please!
I’d also love to find a dream ‘day job’ (whilst I still have to work for someone else) that will allow me the security, peace of mind, and the support to follow my dreams (without the stress)! The day job I have had for some time is no longer fitting or serving me- its time to move on, in the best possible way. This will hopefully see me pushing the boundaries to the limit in makeup artistry and beyond this year.
Like every year, I resolve to be as healthy as I possibly can- within my own limits. I’m certainly not perfect, and there’s always room for improvement, but I do pretty well…I’m a lot kinder on myself than I have ever been and I listen to my body a lot more now than I used to. They really are so smart, our bodies.
I usually start each year with a re-focussed mindset to work harder and eat cleaner.  It always comes at a good time, straight after all the cheer and indulgence of the silly season has hit its peak and I can no longer keep consuming my body weight in cheese, chocolate and vodka (boo). In this spirit, I have committed to a 30 minute awakening and supercharging run or walk through the park every morning – committing to this ritual wakes me up so much quicker, gets my energy flowing and affords me a chance to get my mind and body connected right at the start of the day….a supercharged way to get into the day ahead. And I won’t feel all that bad if I miss a workout later – bonus 🙂
I’ve also resolved to fit more yoga and meditation into my days. I did so well last year at upping the frequency of my yoga routines and found some that were amazingly good. I’ll be sure to share them with you this year. Aside from this, I’m cleaning up my act again, avoiding sugar (I had lapsed of late, sneaky chocolate cravings!), staying off the booze for as long as I can last (or until my liver decides to talk to me again), and I’m giving a vegan, plant-based diet a go again. To de-clutter and reset everything always feels good.  Alhtough I am having severe margarita cravings of late – particularly in the searing heat of summer.  Virgin they must be for now.
Like last year, in 2014 I resolve to continue down a path of seeing everything as a gift and a blessing.  I’ll make more of a conscious effort to curb negative thinking (as I have a habit of over-thinking and over-analysing things) and instead, practicing acceptance and thankfulness for what I have received and what I have around me.
I won’t be giving energy away where its not warranted or invited, like stressing over things that haven’t happened, or being anxious over decisions or what ifs. Time to enjoy being in the moment and being thankful for the awesome energy I have around me.
Each year I always remind myself to do more of everything I love- for me its blogging / writing more, playing and writing more music (and possible learning a new instrument), creating more art and generally just taking time out to do the things I love- spending time with my fams, going on adventures, travelling, dreaming, connecting with amazing people, exploring, photography. So more, more, MORE of all of that, and anything else that makes me shine! Make time for the things you love, so important.

What do you think? Is it a little like your list?

What do you want to achieve in 2014?

Do you even make resolutions or are you more go with the flow- taking every day as it comes, and giving it your best shot every day?

I’d love for you to share with me your top goals and resolutions below and what habits you will be abandoning or starting.
As they say in the classic, there’s no time like the present to get cracking!