LADY LOVES: Anja Konstantinova

So you could say that every week or so I have a new girl crush.  Doesn’t everyone?

Let’s face it, us women are a pretty awesome lot on the whole – what’s not to love? The feminine mystique, when executed well, is one that is very hard to resist.

I’m always finding someone interesting whom piques my interest – whose style,  beauty, persona or pure iconic presence tickles my fancy.

I decided I would start a regular weekly post about my latest objet d’amour- and what better day than a Friday to round off the working week, si?

Thus, LADY LOVES is born.  I’ll be pasting up some pretty pics and info about what this particular gal exudes that makes her so, well, babin’.

To kick things off, this week my latest flight o’ fancy is the gorgeous and spunky white-haired pixie Anja Konstantinova.

Ok, firstly she’s a spunkette.  No dispute or surprise there (BTW– as a side note I must make mention that being beautiful, a model, celebrity or glamorous are IN NO WAY criteria for whomever I may choose to feature here).

I love love LOVE her white-blonde hair, totally to die-for (pun intended). I’m pretty sure it’s natural.

Ever since I saw snaps of her strutting her thang for Wildfoxx, I’ve been unable to take my eyes off her.  Especially that lit-from-above pixie style bob.  I so want, but sadly, *cries* cannot have.  Whilst my hair is currently in stroppy-teenager-who-doesn’t-want-to-cooperate phase (ie, frizzy, won’t fricken’ grow, thinning) I simply can’t subject it to the torturous fun that is bleach. Ah, well. Raven I will stay until it decides to play nice.

Another thing I noticed about Anja (great name by the way) is her piercing greeny-grey eyes and that lovely freckled complexion.  And she sports some very cute inner lip ink, simply saying ‘MEOW’.  Nice. Apparently she likes cats. Join the club, sister. Cats are rad.

The best part? This 21  year old Russian born Aussie stunner is a teeny 163cm (5’4″).  And aren’t we all for actual, REAL diversity in the fashion industry? Beauty and fashion should not be about a predetermined or industry standard size or height or colour or shape.  I would like to see REAL diveristy (not token) embraced far more and I think we’re starting to see a gradual shift in perceptions of beauty particularly in the last decade.  When I think of the number of curvier women now at pretty much iconic supermodel status (ie Crystal Renn, although she has since dropped a lot of weight – boo) compared to a decade ago, it seems things are sloooooowy starting to shift. YAY!

Andre Pejic’s gender-bending is a great example of a very strict industry relaxing its austere ideals just a little and letting a few different notions of beauty shine through.  For far too long we’ve been drip-fed the stupid idealistic notion that only long, lean Amazonian types with long-jump poles for legs are the prescribed aesthetic.  I remember for much of the 90s when Kate Moss caused an absolute uproar because she was ‘breaking the rules’ of fashion for being what was considered back then ‘too short’ . Moss I believe is around 5’8″. Hardly short.

Anja at 5’4″ is pretty petite. And I think she’s awesome, and easily holds her own in editorial as well as on the catwalk.

It strikes me as hilarious though that a lot of people out there (the fashion snobs) think she has a really weird body because she’s under what would normally be classified as model height.  It’s like they think she’s some kind of freak.

I saw in a Vogue forum a thread about her, and a user (who will not be named) had the gusto to comment “if not for her height, she would be one of the most perfect model”.  Riiiiiiiight, because there is such a thing as ‘perfect’.  I’m sorry, but this commenter is seriousl. missing. the. point.  Anja is living proof that we can and we should challenge the pre-formed notion of what is ‘perfect’, what is ‘normal’, what is ‘beauty’.

Beauty is all shapes, all sizes, all colours, all forms, all genders, all creeds, races, religions, persuasions, and all sorts of in between.  Beauty is the strange, beauty is the reclusive, beauty is found in the paradoxical, the reflective, the straight-up, in your-face Pejic-flavoured gender-swapping confrontations.

Beauty is everywhere you look.  You just have to open your mind.

Happy Friday!