BEAUTY BREAKDOWN: Katy Perry’s ‘This Is How We Do’

Who doesn’t dig Katy Perry’s sass, style and larger than life personality?

Irreverent, cheeky and quirky, she always pushes the envelope- whether its in a video, on stage, or on the red carpet. She’s not afraid to try some wacky and colourful combinations and loves to go all-out with a variety of looks in spectacular, OTT fashion.

I think she’s everything you want in fashion icon; unpredictable, fun and confident. She loves to experiment and is certainly never boring or tame.  And she’s always a little tongue in cheek, which makes her a winner in my book.

In her latest clip, ‘This is How We Do’, from her fourth studio album Prism, KP big time delivered in the style stakes.  Everyone’s been talking about the kooky, fashion-centric video, filled with runway references and a wardrobe that includes Christopher Kane and Saint Laurent, and a parade of seemingly endless hair and beauty looks.

The vibrant, eyeball-engaging Joel Kefali-directed clip sees Katy channeling a smorgasbord of different characters in a kaleidoscope of colour. We see Katy relaxing poolside, modeling Mondrian, nomming on watermelon, surrounded by Pee Wee Herman-esque dancers — with a common element of F-U-N, playfulness, and a dash of trippiness woven throughout.  It’s a lot of eye candy to take in!

Some of the concepts Katy’s artistic team brought to the fore included a fun asymmetrical, angular bob; a gravity-defying, Mondrian-inspired updo; and some truly electric eyeliner. You can also spy a pastel ponytail; cornrows and baby buns; glittery lids;  bleached out eyebrows; “Japanese-y” pizza nails; and the return of that 90s hair-style staple; the scrunchie. And lots of animated twerking ice cream cones.

Below I’ve chosen a few of my favourite looks from the clip for your viewing pleasure.

Makeup artist Jake Bailey was tasked with creating 10 looks on shoot day. Katy’s eyebrows were bleached to create a blank canvas (its a great way to be able to change the colour and shapeof your brows easily).  Here, Karaoke Katy wears green baby buns and animal print. The double top knots are braided, while the rest of her hair is super slick. Her baby hairs in the front of her hairline are curled and pinned down to her head.

Here, KP channels her inner Mondrian, with geometric print latex crop tops and skirts that ingeniously match the background. Its bright, bold and graphic. Digging that two-toned sculpted cubist hair art and those big shiny red button earrings!

Bright solid colors, matching shoes, and lipstick. Katy wear a Vidal Sassoon-esque asymmetrical black bob and a red lip with her yellow dress. Bailey used some dark shadow for crease definition for this ’60s-inspired look, adding a row of lashes on the bottom lids for that Twiggy style.

Katy Perry, This Is How We Do

Chanel pearls make for an excellent substitute for bubble bath. Chanelling some seriously classic glamour, whilst bathing in a tub full of pearls, Katy wears a sleek black bob and oversized pearl necklace. The height of glam life! MUA Bailey says with this look he was chanelling a 1920’s look inspired by Coco Chanel. He used tattoo cover-up to hide her real brows completely and drew on pencil-thin brows above her natural brows to evoke the 1920’s look, then adding a touch of Vaseline to her eyelids and brow bones for a dewy sheen.

Katy Perry, This Is How We Do

LOVE the pizza bathing suit! Its so fun. Matched with a bright red lip, twisted top knot high pony,  pizza earrings and those iconic heart-shaped sunglasses. Summer lovin.

Katy Perry, This Is How We Do

Fierce! Yves Saint Laurent lip-print dress worn with a massive curly high pony, lightened brows and some serious bling. Bailey added extra contour and highlight to the eyes for maximum dimension and drama and paired it with a strong red lipstick.  Adding extra glow, Bailey used his fingertips to tap pearlescent liquid eye shadow onto her brow bones and ridge of her cheekbones to create concentrated highlights.

Katy Perry, This Is How We Do

Pastel power! Katy and her crew wear powder-pink and purple skater skirts. Katy has a geometric-print jacket, pink ponytail and the aforementioned 90s staple, the scrunchie. Dig those pastel bustiers and collar-chokers her gals are wearing, teamed with gorgeous candy-hued makeup.

For her the multi-coloured faux-fur look, MUA Bailey got colour inspiration from the clothes adding a strong line of colour in the crease of the eye with a small angled brush for dimension and definition. He also applied an electric neon pink liquid liner over her signature black lined eye, to give it an extra pop of color. The look was rounded out with a candy pink lip, a nose ring and colourful hair flower clips.


On the bizarre and eye candy front, “This Is How We Do,” certainly delivers.  How can it not when there’s twerking ice cream, candy coloured wigs, more than 10 costume changes, flying food and a bevy of backup dancers? Wild. Prepare to be captivated by the sheer cray cray-ness of this clip below!


BEAUTY BEAKDOWN: Tuesday’s Top Ten Makeup Hacks

Are you in a fix with your makeup and looking for a solution — and fast?

These genius beauty hacks will help you out! At Sunshyne Crimes we just love to look for easier ways to perfect makeup and get out the door quicker in the morning. Who wants to spend all day grappling with their mascara or trying to perfect that third coat of lippie?

Here’s our top ten favorite tips for Tuesday for a quick beauty fix!

1. Number one is a tip that has stood the test of time- hot eyelash curling for a quicker way to make your lashes look fab. Heat up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer for a few seconds before curling your lashes to give them extra holding power. The heat helps your lashes curl much easier. Hold the tool under your blow dryer on a warm setting for a count of three to four seconds. Tap it lightly with a finger first, before applying to your lashes, to ensure it isn’t too hot.



2. Looking for a way to make your bright eyeshadow stand out and last longer? Try a white eyeliner or a white primer as an eyelid base to give your pigment extra oomph and staying power- it will create an opaque base so that the colour on top really sings.

3. If you’re in a hurry, travelling or have run out of blusher, your lippie can double up as a cream blush. Swipe some color onto the back of your hand first, then use your index finger to apply lightly to the apples of your cheeks. This works best with creamy sheer colours, don’t try it with matte or long- lasting lipsticks, as they will provide too much pigment that may not come off easily if you go overboard!


4. If you’re anything like me, you may be a little clumsy and have probably dropped a compact or two in your life, resulting in smashed product everywhere! Not a fun time. If this happens to you, depending on how much damage is sustained, it may be able to be fixed! Gather up any loose shards and put them back int he container (proving they haven’t dropped on the floor- then you’ll have to throw the loose product out). Try spraying/ pouring a small amount of pure alcohol on top of the pigment. Swirl the liquid and the powder together with a cotton swab until you get a clay-like consistency. Then, let it dry flat overnight, and whammo, it’ll be like new. The alcohol will dissolve the loose pigment and it will mix together and set. Awesome.

5. Here’s an easy way to make your lipstick last that much longer– apply your lippie as normal (pencil first, then apply your colour over the top with a brush). Then hold a tissue over your lips and lightly dust translucent powder over the tissue. Reapply another coat of lippie and you’re good to go. The powder will make the first coat set and give you a strong foundation of pigment.


6. Messy eyeliner incident? Clean up the wings of your cat eye with a cotton tip and a dab of concealer. This will help remove any unwanted excess and cover up the mistake at the same time. For a bigger mistake try a little dab of eye makeup remover on the cotton tip first, then try a dab of concealer. Cotton tips are good for precision!

7. Do you struggle with old products in your kit, or you just don’t know when to ditch that mascara or lippie? Out of date cosmetics not only don’t work as well but can also start to harbor bacteria which can make the product go off’ and could potentially make you sick or give you an infection! ewww. A solution? When you first open a new product, write the date on it with a permanent marker. That way, you’ll always know when it will expire.


8. Probably one of my personal faves is this clever and simple eyebrow tip. Control unruly eyebrows by spritzing hairspray onto an old toothbrush or clean mascara wand and gently brushing through your brows. It will help them stay in place that much better and enable you to get a great, even shape when filling in with powder or pencil.

9. A handy tip for false eyelashes- for a perfect application, lightly bend the eyelash inwards for a few seconds to give it a better shape that will hug your eyelid better. Apply a clear adhesive to the line of false lashes with the tip of a bobby pin to avoid getting any excess glue on your eyes. Look down slightly as you dab the lash to your lashline and use a paid of rubber tip tweezers to secure in place to avoid getting glue on your fingers- the biggest reason why people struggle with falsies!


and finally-

10. For the ultimate in lipstick precision, apply with a concealer brush for a more even application. Its flatter end means it will glide over your lips better than a pointy small brush which will poke and drag.

Try one or all of these tips next time you’re in a bind and see if they make things a little easier!

Be sure to let me know if you found these helpful in the comments. I’d love to hear your beauty tips too, if you have a makeup hack you’d like to share please do, we’re always on the lookout for better ways to do things at Sunshyne Crimes!

x Danee Sunshyne