BEAUTY FLASHBACK: Dark Romance in Nylon Magazine

Loving this ode to dark seductive grungy glamour, from Nylon’s August 2014 issue. It’s all about the texture in those lashes and the mysterious flashes of colour.

Nylon, August 2014
Photographer: Jamie Nelson
Stylist: Savanna White
Hair and Makeup: Andrita Renne and Jenny Smith
Model: Zanna Van Vostenbosch


Need to declutter your makeup bag? Introducing trèStiQue!

Is your makeup collection taking over your life? Our friends over at Hello Giggles have discovered a rad new makeup line that’s as clever as it is cute, and designed to help you streamline!

Introducing trèStiQue- a collection of pencils and crayons that are compact and portable, thus providing a solution to a serious hoarding situation! Makeup junkies rejoice, your on-the-go makeup loot can now be kept in check with all your necessities at your fingertips.

The alternative beauty line was created by Jennifer Kapahi and features makeup essentials for lips, face and eyes in a portable, easy to use format.

trèStiQue’s mission is to simplify without compromising your usual beauty routine.  Instead of carrying around a full set of products PLUS the tools needed for application, the tools are built in with the makeup.

For example, their blush stick has a brush attached to the opposite end, so instead of carrying a blush palette and a separate brush, trestique’s blusher has the makeup and its applicator together in one handy stick!  It’s like a really genius, cute, oversized crayon.


Clean freaks, this is where it gets super genius: the products also feature magnetic caps (yes!)  The first of their kind in the market, the magnetic seal means you can fret no longer over spills and rogue lip liner caps; these suckers ain’t moving. I can’t begin to tell you how many mishaps I’ve had due to missing lids going hell-knows-where and leaving their pigment all over everything else, makeup bag included. Its the little things, y’know.

An added bonus of the range? Most of the products are refillable, which we like a lot. When you need a new brush or you run out of lip balm, you can easily get a refill and not have to replace the entire product. #winning.

up Lip Crayon Red

Cheek stick bronzer product tool brazilian bronze

This new, simple approach to makeup will help any serious makeup junkie become a de-cluttering expert in no time.

You can view the full collection here.


KNOW YOUR PRODUCT: Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a beautiful array of Shanghai Suzy lipsticks to try out by the lovely Jo Wheaton, founder of this exciting, local brand of bright, colourful, electrifying lipsticks!

Hailing from my home of Melbourne, Jo is a former cosmetics marketing exec and model with a true passion for everything lipstick! Tired of paying top dollar for fashion lipsticks that she would only wear a few times, Jo identified a gap in the market for affordable, on‐trend lipsticks that delivered in terms of pigment, formula, colour and packaging.

Thus Shanghai Suzy – a bold, vibrant range of fashion-inspired lipsticks – was born. At only $12.95 each the lipsticks fit perfectly into the ‘cheap and chic’ category while delivering big results and huge colour pay off!

I was delighted to receive Shanghai Suzy’s new season range- 8 amazing creamy, densely pigmented bright and wearable colours.

photo 22


The first thing that caught my eye was their bright pigment, reminiscent of the MAC matte formulas. Bold, vibrant hues such as flamingo pink, guava, and purple shone out like beacons from their sleek packaging, making their cues from fashion obvious. These colours screamed summer and would look just luscious on skin with a hint of summer glow!

Below are the colours I received with swatches of each:


(From L-R ): MISS LEAH (Baby Cocoa), MISS NICOLE (Burgundy Brown), MISS OLIVIA (Apricot), MISS BREE (Pink Blush), MISS COURTNEY (Electric Flamingo), MISS ALLY (Amethyst), MISS MIA (Foxy Hibiscus), and MISS CHRISTINA (Neon Guava).


(From L-R ): MISS LEAH (Baby Cocoa), MISS NICOLE (Burgundy Brown), MISS OLIVIA (Apricot), MISS BREE (Pink Blush), MISS COURTNEY (Electric Flamingo), MISS ALLY (Amethyst), MISS MIA (Foxy Hibiscus), and MISS CHRISTINA (Neon Guava).


Each colour in the Shanghai Suzy range is limited edition and a new on‐trend range is delivered every season.


There are 2 formulas in the Shanghai Suzy lipstick range: the ‘Matte’ formula is bold, thick, creamy and long‐lasting, and the ‘Nourish’ formula contains jojoba seed oil to care for and moisturize lips whilst delivering a beautiful colour with a slight sheen.


Each of the matte formulas I tested lasted well into the evening and wore well through various challenges to lipstick longevity, such as consuming food and drinking. Prepping the lips properly before use, priming and using a matching lip liner would increase the wear even further of these babies, and I will definitely be recommending them for clients who need staying power without the horrible drying and flaking that usually accompanies long-wear formulations.


(From L-R ): MISS LEAH (Baby Cocoa), MISS NICOLE (Burgundy Brown), MISS OLIVIA (Apricot), MISS BREE (Pink Blush), MISS COURTNEY (Electric Flamingo), MISS ALLY (Amethyst), MISS MIA (Foxy Hibiscus), and MISS CHRISTINA (Neon Guava).


Another huge plus for me is that Shanghai Suzy lipsticks are not tested on animals and contain no animal ingredients. So you can be rest assured there is no karmic debt when giving these lipsticks a go. Added to the lovely, childhood-reminiscent fragrance of grape bubblegum (yum!) and the ultra smooth, creamy formula (so easy to apply).


(From L-R ): MISS LEAH (Baby Cocoa), MISS NICOLE (Burgundy Brown), MISS OLIVIA (Apricot), MISS BREE (Pink Blush), MISS COURTNEY (Electric Flamingo), MISS ALLY (Amethyst), MISS MIA (Foxy Hibiscus), and MISS CHRISTINA (Neon Guava).


My verdict: I absolutely adore these lipsticks! The quality is real nice, and at such an affordable price, it would be easy to stock up on multiple colours to add to your lipstick wardrobe without breaking the bank. There is no compromise on quality either;  I am happy to report that each one I tried did not leave me with that dreaded feeling of ‘cheap lippie blues’.


Shanghai Suzy is a winner all round. And at the low price of $12.95 I feel like I’ve stumbled across the world’s best-kept beauty secret! These are seriously great lippies.

I look forward to using these in my everyday beauty looks as well as for colour work! The colours are so wearable and absolutely POP when worn.  They’ll definitely have a place in my kit and I look forward to seeing future ranges from Shanghai Suzy!

You can check out the crazy good Shanghai Suzy range over here! You won’t be disappointed.



I just love Olivia Munn’s look! Whenever I see pics of her I can’t help but have a severe dose of hair envy! Always sporting lush, shiny looking strands she is the epitome of classic, pared-back beauty. I’m a big fan of women allowing their gorgeous complexion and super-cute freckles to shine rather than cover them up under layers of heavy duty foundation. And those brows! Always groomed to perfection, but allowed to be a little on the natural side. Love her!

Olivia was recently snapped looking super glam at the Los Angeles premiere of Mortdecai at the TCL Chinese Theatre on January 21. The star wore a black sheer-panel Ralph Rucci gown for the red carpet, with her raven locks in big and bouncy curls, keeping her accessories simple with just a few rings on her fingers.

She complemented her look with beautiful, minimal makeup that brings out her best features.

Want to steal her look? For soft, luscious curls with incredible volume try using a lightweight voluminising mousse worked right through the hair from the roots to the ends. After setting the hair in large curlers, or tonging large sections around a large-barrel curling iron, pin the curls up loosely to set. After the curls have cooled, unpin and shake gently with the fingers to loosen and create some volume. Brush out very gently with a large soft paddle brush to even out the curls and create that classic wave. You could finish with a light mist of shine serum or a gloss to give the hair a little extra sheen, but be careful not to go overboard. You want to hair to look loose, bouncy and soft, not stiff, over-texturised or greasy in any way.

Olivia-Munn-Mortdecai-Los-Angeles-Movie-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Tom-LOrenzo-Site-TLO (4)

To get her dreamy makeup look, start with a primer (of course) to keep pores in check. I would use a non-mattifying primer as you want the skin to really glow.

For her base, use a light to medium coverage liquid foundation applied sparingly with a dampened beauty blender or sponge. Skip the powder to keep that glowy, dewy look.  Olivia’s pared her perfect base with a gorgeous peach cheek, natural tawny rose-hued lips and a tiny hint of lilac purple  mascara, guaranteed to make those beautiful hazel peepers pop!

To complete the look, her natural-looking brows are groomed with an eyebrow comb and set into place with a hint of eyebrow gel or wax. You could also use a hint of clear mascara after lightly filling in any gaps in the brow with a pencil or a powder. Spoolies and clean mascara wands are terrific at grooming unruly brows; try spritzing your wand with a tiny bit of medium hold hairspray before sweeping through the brows to hold them in place.

What do you think of Olivia’s red carpet look?