DESIGN FREAK: Pantone Queenie

This clever little collab between Pantone and Leo Burnett London is too cute, funny and intriguing!

Introducing the limited edition colour guide to the Queen’s coordinated ensembles, featuring PANTONE Colour references.

I’m sure we can all agree that her sartorial choices are on the regimented, safe side and now – PROOF…..there’s a formula at play here! A little bit Barbie, in a twisted way!


The Queen Palette project was developed at Leo Burnett London by art directors/copywriters Will Thacker and Blake Waters, executive creative director Justin Tindall, print producer Chris Dale, art buyer Leah Mitchell. Artwork, creative imaging and colour management was by Mundocom. Photographer was Andy Rudak. Printing was by Precision Printing, using HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press and the 7-colour (CMYKOV) HP IndiChrome on-press PANTONE emulation, simulating PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® that can match 97 percent of the PANTONE Colour range, to achieve exact colour matching.