ABOUT: Sinspirations… a rhapsody in mostly mono

Colour lust; insatiable desires. Power… creating a relationship between a the subject and the voyeur.

Shapes that intrigue and engage an audience, the fetish of the frame, deciding what exists within an image, expressing a feeling or concept.

Sex or death, sometimes both.

Space. Bowie. Death. Cats. Telepathy. Moongazing. Dreams.


ABOUT: Watch this space

Welcome to my little online space. My little corner of the world, a portal for a self-confessed voyeur, wanderer, ponderer, cosmic gypsy and a tad-excessive soul.  A wild-child with a heart full of dreams and a head for success; independent, ambitious, extremely self-motivated and driven to make the most out of opportunities for greatness.

Its where I can share and indulge in the manic, the beautiful, the spontaneous, the highfalutin and the just plain absurd.

Here you’ll find things I love and things that make my senses zing. Things inspired by mania. Nature.  And magic.  Cacophonies of colour, psychedelia, walls of noise, all things tasty and delicious.

I thrive off riots of sound, and giant big outbursts of love and soul.

Liberation, transformation, colour, fashion, art, the creative process, glamour, costumery, rock n roll, pop culture, self-discovery and transformation. They all play a part in this show.

As a lover of adventure and pushing the boundaries when it comes to creative self-expression, I welcome you to my playground.

Dive in, hold your breath, experience, share, observe.

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

There are no rules here, only imagination.