I’m Ms Danee SunShyne, freelance makeup artist, writer, designer, artist and cosmic warrior currently launching various creative projects.

Here is my little space on the net, a blog to wholeheartedly and unabashedly explore and share my loves, work, passions, interests and flights of fancy. What stimulates further inquiry; visual reference points; things I admire; things I want to create.

In short, an outpouring of what makes me tick, gets my blood pulsing and pushes me beyond the realm of the ordinary.

Makeup artistry, design, fashion, music and writing are my very satisfying obsessions and career aspirations. I love every aspect of creating – from the inception, through the creative process to the execution. My aim is to explore a variety of media and disciplines to create mind-blowing, dynamic projects and narratives that inspire others to reach their upper limits.

I adore creating new things. The adventure of immersing myself into new worlds, exploring galaxies, not knowing where it ends, thrills me.

I am continuously seeking opportunities to network, build my folio, collaborate, create, inspire and share knowledge and approaches through talking and observation.

If you’d like to know more about my me or work and what we could do together, send me a whisper on the breeze:

email: DaneeSunshyneMUA@gmail.com

If you have enjoyed anything you’ve read here, follow me, like me, leave your comments and feedback.

I’d love to hear from you.

Engage, resist, love.


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