Need to declutter your makeup bag? Introducing trèStiQue!

Is your makeup collection taking over your life? Our friends over at Hello Giggles have discovered a rad new makeup line that’s as clever as it is cute, and designed to help you streamline!

Introducing trèStiQue- a collection of pencils and crayons that are compact and portable, thus providing a solution to a serious hoarding situation! Makeup junkies rejoice, your on-the-go makeup loot can now be kept in check with all your necessities at your fingertips.

The alternative beauty line was created by Jennifer Kapahi and features makeup essentials for lips, face and eyes in a portable, easy to use format.

trèStiQue’s mission is to simplify without compromising your usual beauty routine.  Instead of carrying around a full set of products PLUS the tools needed for application, the tools are built in with the makeup.

For example, their blush stick has a brush attached to the opposite end, so instead of carrying a blush palette and a separate brush, trestique’s blusher has the makeup and its applicator together in one handy stick!  It’s like a really genius, cute, oversized crayon.


Clean freaks, this is where it gets super genius: the products also feature magnetic caps (yes!)  The first of their kind in the market, the magnetic seal means you can fret no longer over spills and rogue lip liner caps; these suckers ain’t moving. I can’t begin to tell you how many mishaps I’ve had due to missing lids going hell-knows-where and leaving their pigment all over everything else, makeup bag included. Its the little things, y’know.

An added bonus of the range? Most of the products are refillable, which we like a lot. When you need a new brush or you run out of lip balm, you can easily get a refill and not have to replace the entire product. #winning.

up Lip Crayon Red

Cheek stick bronzer product tool brazilian bronze

This new, simple approach to makeup will help any serious makeup junkie become a de-cluttering expert in no time.

You can view the full collection here.



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