Red Stocking Shoot

I recently had the pleasure in being involved in a very fun, glamour meets grunge look shot in abandoned warehouse in inner Melbourne.  It had been something that photographer Darren Wood and I had been trying to get happening for a few weeks, and after a couple of false starts, we finally landed the talents of two extraordinary models; burlesque artist, pinup and alternative model, Lucky Dip; and seasoned ink model, published megababe and surf betty, Kylie De Costa. Both ladies are friends are were incredibly enthusiastic about being involved in the shoot when we were casting it. We jumped at  the chance to involved them as they both exude such energy and vigour in their shots and both seem to really love turning it on for the camera and doing interesting shoots. Not to mention they are both amazingly gorgeous in their own right!

We had an awesome day shooting around the old abandoned mill. The place had so much character and is a massive space full of interesting rooms, hallways and crevices in which to shoot against a background of decay and abandonment. Full of light streaming through broken windows, strewn with broken glass and litter, with the faint sound of someone layering graffiti upon the paint-adorned walls, it was equal parts amazing, spooky and visually amazing.

As we set up and I started prepping our gorgeous models, another shoot was in progress; someone was hanging from the ceiling, entwined in colourful circus silks. Magic.

Although a cold day, some autumn rays shone through parts of the warehouse and warmed up our brave models who had to put up with the chill whilst wearing stockings and fishnets. Sorry ladies! The many onlookers who roam and scout through the abandoned site didn’t seem to mind 🙂

Below are some of photographer Darren’s captures from our day. A truly epic effort from all involved! thank you team, you were amazing.


Photographer: Darren Wood Photography

Hair and Makeup: Danee Sunshyne Makeup and Creative

Models: Lucky Dip and Kylie de Costa

Photographer’s Assistant: Rick Loader from 18 Elements

Red Stocking Shoot

Red Stocking Shoot


Red Stocking Shoot

Red Stocking Shoot

Red Stocking Shoot

Red Stocking Shoot

Red Stocking Shoot

Red Stocking Shoot


Red Stocking Shoot

_DSC5877  Red Stocking Shoot



Red Stocking Shoot

To follow are some of the shots that Photography Assistant Rick Loader took on the day also:






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