LIFE INSP: Inspiring quotes from creatives- THE ULTRA

Be inspired by my favourite quotes from musicians, artists, photographers & designers from 2014.


“I came out of the gate projectile vomiting my demons all over the place. It felt like immediately a weight had been lifted.”

 – Angel Haze

“I don’t have time to be a bitch to people, it’s so unproductive. I know there are so many people out there—fans and artists—who think it’s cool to be a cunt, but you’re so fucking dumb if you think that’s cool.”

Charli XCX

“His Buffalo style was a huge influence. Keep it classic, keep it edgy, keep it real, keep it mean.”

– Neneh Cherry, on her mentoring stylist ray Petri who died of AIDS right as ‘Buffalo Stance’ exploded

“You have a little light inside you – you have to put it in your fucking work.”

—James Victore, designer


“The most powerful stories are the stories that unite us rather than simply divide us. This is what motivates people to action.”

 Ami Vitale, photographer


“I hate that word. Legend, icon, diva. I hate all those fucking words. They’re meaningless. I prefer Cher.”

– Cher, on being called a ‘legend’


“In every person’s life, around 27 to 29 years old, the stars and the planets align themselves to exactly the way they were when you were born. You’re faced with yourself. There’s no running away.”

Lykke Li

“I feel like humans are a disease. It’s a hard thing to communicate in a pop song. I mean, who wants to hear that?”

— Zola Jesus

“If you get a little bit of creative freedom, charge at it as hard as you can.”

—James White, illustrator

“I’m glad things are getting better, but I’m going to push and be pissed off until they’re perfect. That will probably never happen, but I feel some weird duty nonetheless. Even though I can get married in Seattle, I could go to another country and get the death penalty just for being myself—I’m not making music just for fiancés in Seattle.”

Perfume Genius’ Mike Hadreas,_Kim_Gordon,_Supersonic_festival_2012.jpg

“The American Dream has completely changed. It used to be like, ‘Work hard and you’ll achieve – you’ll be able to provide for your family.’ Now it’s all about trying to get on reality TV shows and becoming rich and famous by doing as little as possible.”


“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

—Trina Cintron, designer

“You never know where your work will end up if you don’t do it and just put it out there. Just give it a shot.”

—James White, illustrator

“The whole trend of white girls appropriating black culture was more corny than it was offensive. Trust me, I’m not offended: All the things I’m trying to run away from in my black American experience are all the things that they’re celebrating. So if they fuckin’ want them, have them; if they want to be considered oversexualized and ignorant every time they open their fucking mouth, then fucking take it.”

Azealia Banks

“Do the work that you love, do the work that you believe in. You never know when that next thing is going to let you shine.”

—Lee Hirsch, filmmaker

A different thing happens when women scream. It’s not always seen as powerful and it’s not something everyone is attracted to. It’s something a lot of people are even repulsed by. I’ve been told to shut up my entire life. I’ve always had to be loud, and I’ve always been scorned for it. So when I got to release that in a noisy setting onstage, and people didn’t tell me to shut up—and they were happily applauding me—it was super powerful and satisfying.”

White Lung’s Mish Way

“Tunnel vision can kill creativity.”

—Ami Vitale, photographer


What’s your favourite quote?


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