BEAUTY BEAT: The Hollywood Brow

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with eyebrows. And with good reason! Never underestimate your brows – they can make you look beautiful, they have the power to change your look, your style and even how approachable you look. And the right shape can make you look younger.  True story!

When it comes to the most sought after brow shape, it’s not surprise that the groomed arches of some of Tinseltown’s leading lights are the most requested look in salons. Leading the pack – the brows of Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox.

‘These ladies have the most asked-for shape because their brow shape makes everyone look instantly polished,’ says eyebrow groomer to the stars, Vaishaly.

Vaishaly’s tips for achieving that Hollywood brow look? Numero uno, most importantly – don’t overtweeze! An overtweezed eyebrow can change or hide away your facial features. So don’t be getting overzealous with the Tweezerman!

Long gone are Greta Garbo’s severe slim, drawn-in arches — the new ‘LA’ has a youthful, mid-sized arch. For the Hollywood brow look, we want to be working with what you already have, and enhancing it, not taking it all away and radically changing your brow shape.

‘A medium thickness with a sculpted look opens up eyes and lifts the face. It’s great for any face shape and age,’ adds Vaishaly.

Some other great tips to achieving the perfectly groomed Hollywood brow:

  • Shape it carefully. If you get a sharp arch then your face may always look surprised.
  • The space between both the eyes should be same. Do not remove excess hair between the eyes.
  • Keep your brows thicker. They look sexy and are easier to manipulate into shape.

As you can see from the below pics, the Hollywood brow is about subtle and clever enhancing of your natural shape to frame your eyes and face just right; opening up the eye area and giving a clean, groomed and finished look.

Which Hollywood brows are your faves?





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