Here’s a look I did recently I’m calling ‘Crystal Skull‘; something I’d been wanting to try out for a while but had been waiting to have the appropriate amount of ‘sitting still’ time to get crafty with my visage!
The name may be a little misleading since only about half of my face is covered in these crystal diamante gem stick ons, rather than my entire skull….but you know, semantics.  I would LOVE to re-create this one day with a bald cap and go really wild, covering every single exposed centimeter of the head with these glittery little things!


LOOK OF THE WEEK - THE ULTRA- CRYSTAL SKULLNonetheless, on half of my head that is covered, there’s about, oh, 150 of those suckers. For real. It was actually quite zen-like placing them all, believe it or not. Or perhaps I’m weirder than I thought.

Anyway, to set off the embellished look I decided to start with a pale, matte base so that the crystals would shine and stand out from the skin! I mixed Chanel’s Mat Lumiere – one of my fave foundations, its pretty ultimate- with some Kryolan Supracolour in White to tone it right down to a pale porcelain. The base was then set with Makeup Forever HD micro finishing powder.

I did some really light,subtle contouring with matte powders, and topped off with a nude pink lip and some smoky aubergine eyes courtesy my Naked 2 and Sleek Palettes. I found some gorgeous black feathered faux lashes in my lash kit that were begging to be worn, and really set the look off. Then slowly, but determinedly, I started sticking crystals on.

Overall, I was pretty happy with my fantasy crystal skull look.  It definitely had some kinda impact! What do you think?

I’d definitely give this another go, next time being even more over the top with the crystals!

Where would you wear a look like this?




DSC06732 DSC06739



Hey lovers, leave me a comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts....

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