BEAUTY BEAT: Weird and Wonderful Brows!

Are you sick of all the usual eyebrow trends and bored to death of the thin vs thick debate? One minute thick, bushy natural brows ala the Delevigne are deemed THE look d’jour; the next, it’s thin, sharp and tailored arches ruling the school and dominating the red carpets.

Just when your over-worked brows thought they could just keep up, BOOM…beauty editors are proclaiming them to be bleached into non existence or to get rid of them all together. No problem right? You can always get eyebrow implants when the trend swings back again, no?

Its enough to give anyone trend fatigue! (yes….. its a thing)

Stand out from the pack and do something different with your look, if only for one sparkling, special night!


The beauty of colour, sparkles, metallic embossing and embellishments is they all wear or wash off eventually, no harm done. You can enjoy them for a fleeting moment, safe in the knowledge that you haven’t done anything so drastic you have to get hairs implanted back into your arches.

Put the tweezers down and prepare for some majorly fierce and different brow-spiration, with this selection of some high fashion, unique brow looks to take your arches to higher limits!

Black, bold, graphic brows; they mean serious business.

High, thin, severe brows drawn on just over the natural brow line. Almost a take on the 20s brow which was very slight.

Beautiful bold angular brows, following the lines of the graphic eye makeup, in a nod to the 80s. Va voom.

A pastiche of colours and textures completely covering the brows and looking kind 80s also.

A high, precise and angular faux brow has been drawn in high above the brow line. Natural brows have been covered completely and golden shadow blended over the top.

Beautiful embellished brows in a fancy deco pattern, perfectly offsetting a gold shiny glittery skull cap.

Sequinned brows are so much fun! I have yet to find a gentle way to do it though (glue rips hair out!), so beware.

A gorgeous precise and perfectly arched brow from an Illamasqua campaign, taken to another realm by being completed in opaque white.

These angular, upward slanting brows flick upward at the ends to give a mischievous look.

These brows have been given a ‘fathered’ look by grooming them as normal, then filling them in with upwards strokes of alternating dark and light colours to give detail and texture. Cute.

Missing brows! An interesting take where the natural brow is either shaved off or completely covered, then a new brow shape has been outlined above the natural line, giving the suggestion of brows in the negative space.

Straight, bold and dark, these brows are toughened up with the addition of some spiked studs that have been applied over the top.

A variation on the bold, dark brow on a blonde, these ones have been over emphasised and extended to make them contrast even more with the hair.

Finally, gorgeous, fabulous, gold gilded eyebrows. Probably achieved with some liquid metallic gold paint. You could also try gold or silver foil for a different, more textured look.




Hey lovers, leave me a comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts....

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