WORK IT: Pilates routines on the web!

I adore pilates and have practised for some time. I love the way it makes you feel tighter, stronger, leaner and more elegant all at once. Pilates is boss for creating defined, lean and strong muscles whilst giving you a focussed, challenging, (somewhat) relaxing low impact workout.

Although I don’t always devote enough time to trying out new routines, I have a standby list of vids I turn to when I’m pressed for time and just want to get the job done as quickly as possible. Lately I thought I should try and expand my horizons and find some new faves! Below are some that I’ve found in my web explorations. I’ve tried them and I like them all. There’s a couple of really quick ones, and there are some that are longer, slower and will give you a more rounded workout. Either way, there’s something for everyone in this list so give it a go if you’ve got a spare 10- 30 minutes. Try one every second day to really see results!

Ultimate 30-Minute Cardio Pilates Burner

Lisa Corsello, the founder of Burn SF, leads you through 30 minutes of her signature fitness routine, weaving pilates core exercise with classic lifting moves and cardio bursts. The varied workout, combining pilates with hand weights and cardio, means you won’t get bored. The result is a super fun and effective workout. I love it!


POP Pilates: Muffintop Massacre

Cassey Ho created POP Pilates, a vibrant, fun and peppy series of pilates workouts that bring the smiles back to working out. With 1.5 million subscribers on her youtube channel ‘blogilates’, Cassey’s videos are as popular as they are effective and fun. Cassey has an infectious and energetic style which helps you get through some of the more challenging and difficult moves in her videos.

Cassey’s a certified Pilates and fitness instructor, winner of YouTube Next Trainer, and was also recently named FITNESS Magazine’s Best Healthy Living Blogger, and in this video shares her newest moves to melt down your muffintop in a 17 minute workout.


Pilates Ab Workout: Define Your Waistline

Celeb trainer Juliet Kaska brings us a quick and efficient 10 minute workout to help you whip that midsection into shape. No props needed! Press play, pull your navel to your spine, and get ready to work those abs.



Pilates Class 1, Renee’s 30 Minute class

If you have a little bit more time, this comprehensive pilates routine will take you through the foundation movements of pilates with lots of emphasis on the core, proper alignment and breathing techniques. Renee s a certified instructor who has been teaching pilates since 2006, and in this series takes you through a wide variety of exercises and poses in a varied, challenging and flowing routine. There’s lots of instructions and its not too rushed, so its a nice one for beginners.


30 min Intermediate Core Blasting Pilates Workout #1

Monica is a top pilates instructor in LA. Starting with the signature pilates move, the 100’s, this vid gets straight into the core work from the first minute. Its a serious core strengthening routine with a focus on core, abs and back. Perfect to try at home (check out that fireplace int he background!) or on the-go. Save it to a playlist and load it up on your mobile device when you’re travelling- perfect if you don’t have much space to workout. Your abs will love you for it.


So there you have it- my current Top 5 pilates routines on the web. Have a try and see if any of these could become one of your new go-to workouts!

If you have a favourite you’d love to share, feel free to link to it in the comments! I’m always looking for something new to try.



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