WARRIOR LESSONS: Goal setting- eyes firmly on the prize!

I read this quote recently –

“Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal.”

It’s one I keep in my little treasure trove of words for the wise. Those ones you read back on and it’s like a lightbulb flicks alight.  You freeze for a moment in time and then everything falls back into focus. ‘Oh yeah’, you think, ‘that’s why I’m doing this’.

I barely think this point needs much expansion, really: its pretty self explanatory. When you forget what your goals are and where your dreams and designs are leading you, its easy to get distracted and let setbacks and negative comments and missed opportunities get to you.


They can take little tiny chinks out of your armour, one by one, if you let them.


Focus on that prize at the end with a steely gaze and do not let anyone or anything take that out of your reach!  Planning something big, and special, will give you the focus and determination to plough through the mundanity of everyday life on those days when it all seems too much.


One trick I deploy is that when life starts to swallow me, and I’m feeling like I’m not moving ahead or progressing, I try really hard to turn that thought around into gratitude. I’m thankful for the fact I have a stable job that allows me to have the time (occasionally) to do my makeup artistry and my other pursuits outside of work.  And allows me the time and energy (again, occasionally) to write and focus on things that mean much to me.




I’m also planning a trip to Europe next year to catch up with a wonderful, awesome friend of mine whom I haven’t seen for over a decade yet it seems like no time has passed. I’m planning on seeing some of the countries I’ve always wanted to visit- Spain, Italy,  Germany. I am super excited to start planning this trip! It will mean a lot of willpower and hard work along the way, but if I keep my eye on that destination, the journey will be worth it and I’ll climb that darned mountain to get there.


Also, know this. There will always be people in the world who like to see other people fail, and who will give every ounce of their energy to try and trip you over on your path to glory. There are others who, better still, SHOULD support you but for some reason, don’t.  They just don’t care, don’t take an interest, don’t encourage you.  They just basically ignore you. Whatever. You got this far without them right? And go further you will, if you keep your eye on the prize and your mind on the game.


Kick the haters to the kerb. Better still – use their negativity as a springboard to make you better. Detractors and haters CAN play a part in your game. If you’re like me, you’re the type of person who is competitive and you get motivated and inspired by criticism.  I personally enjoy proving people wrong and turning negative situations into wins.

Don’t worry so much about the setbacks.

Missed an opportunity and taking it personally? Look at how you could have done things better to prevent that from happening – I guarantee you will turn that negative circumstance into an area for improvement, which will ultimately make you better and stronger and more fierce at what you do.



Hey lovers, leave me a comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts....

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