INSPIRATION VAULT: Colourful, fantasy makeup

Its no secret that I absolutely ADORE fantasy makeup- and all that this amazing, beautiful genre encompasses!

Lashes, sequins, colour, sparkle, feathers, stick-ons, embellishments, abstract lines- I love it all!

Its definitely a style which pushes makeup beyond pure glamour to something much more theatrical, creative and artistic. J’adore!


There are so many types of fantasy makeup- futuristic, animal-inspired, mythological, alien- all requiring many different techniques and lots of imagination. The possibilities are endless, have a peek at some ideas below and get inspired….*ZAiGxihQXTW-ddZ8dXqqPYSKhCD5HF*vPCsbzDKA3XYaCwGMtlCb9K12Xt27IwDA/IMG_3421013.jpg


The Warhol Effect - September 2012 / Photographer: Chris Nicholls / Beauty Director: Carlene Higgins / Fashion Editor: Fiona GreenManish Arora Spring/Summer 11

Town & Country, April 2013


Beautiful! Another great #TomorrowWorld #Tomorrowland or #burningman idea!




Hey lovers, leave me a comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts....

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