Tejal Patni is an Indian photographer and filmmaker who works out of Dubai.

As a master photographer, the artist creates drama, theater and beauty with every click.  He creates stunning, vibrant multi-hued explosions of imagery, particularly evident in his series of calendars for Dubai-based retail giant, Splash.

Having worked with the brand before, Patni was charged again with the role of bringing the Middle East’s largest fashion retailer to life in a stunning and visually compelling way for their 2014 calendar, called ‘In Love with Fashion’.

The beautiful and meticulously conceived pics take bold, bright colour and extravagant, excessive patterns to a whole new level – one that works extraordinarily well to convey a rich, multi-hued other world.

Tejal Patni

Tejal Patni

Tejal Patni

Tejal Patni Patni

woman with dog ceramic, splash calendar by Tejal Patni

All photos © Tejal Patni


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