INSPIRATION: Creem’s ‘In the Shadows’ Editorial

I love a good eerie and evocative editorial! And Creem Magazine’s ‘In the Shadows’ is no exception! Shot by Paris-based photographer Susanne Stemmer,  and featuring the clothing and jewelry designs of Ale Elsbacher, the series depicts a regality to the darkness that surrounds the photoshoot.

Creem Magazine 'In the Shadows'

I’m drawn in by the swirling, smoky atmosphere and ethereal lighting which lends a mystical, surreal quality to the shots. The soft makeup, executed by  Birgit Fuchs, looks suitably off centre when paired with disheveled hair and bejewelled, off-kilter crowns.

Creem Magazine 'In the Shadows'

I love how its styled and accessorised stars; scraps of fishnet-mesh hairpieces; knitted sweaters and puffed shoulder tank tops. Opulent pearl headpieces that shine in the light. The styling is subtly eccentric and very feminine, heightening an imaginative narrative.

Creem Magazine 'In the Shadows'

Almost otherwordly, like a past memory brought to life amidst a sea of misty smoke and sparks.



Creem Magazine 'In the Shadows'

Creem Magazine 'In the Shadows'

Photography SUSANNE STEMMER AT FOLIO-iD.COM styling ALE ELSBACHER hair & makeup BIRGIT FUCHS retouching MALKASTEN model LENKA HANAKOVA @ NEXTCOMPANY     Clothing and accessories all exclusively created by Ale Elsbacher



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