DIY: Lady Lace

I’m absolutely smitten this editorial over at Institute mag, featuring the seductive and mysterious element of lace.

Never underestimate the power of this delicate fabric in adding a discreetly sexy, yet powerfully mysterious edge to your look.

Fancy a bit of DIY? Gather your supplies;
* Various samples/ satches of lace- black works well but you could also try   neon, dark red, white, depending on your look

* Small, sharp haberdashery/ craft scissors

* Eyelash adhesive (Duo is good)- try to get a clear one so its dries without being noticeable

Trim small pieces of your chosen decorative lace to fit your face.Use small sharp craft scissors to get a neat edge and experiment with cutting around elements of the lace design rather than cutting it to a straight edge.

Experiment with different placement; above the eyes, on the brow line or around the hair line. You could even try tiny sections glued on to a pair of false lashes- the options are limitless. Its a high fashion editorial look so go crazy.

Use tiny dabs of clear eyelash adhesive along the lace to stick it in place.  Hold in place for about 30-45 seconds until it feels secure.

Lace goes fabulously with a flawless matte base and gorgeous full dramatic lips.

Or alternatively, try a smoky OTT eye with lots of lash and a nude lip to really set off the dark drama of it all.

Why not give it a try to add a different edge to your look? And feel free to share your lace faces with me, I’d love to see your results!

Love & secrets,

xDanee Sunshyne

Lady Lace3



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