ICONICA: Joseph Marr’s sugar sculpture

Sex sells and so does candy- as Australian artist Joseph Marr is eager to prove in his remarkable human-sized sculptures that are made entirely from sugar.


Using both traditional and digital techniques, the Sydney born, Berlin-based artist uses the delicious medium in order to convey a sexually charged aura and to highlight “how we are trapped in the sticky situation and how attractive the tasty desire really is.”

017abaec2ff44fe432216a8c0c085c6d    joseph_marrs_sticky_sugar_sculptures_picame2      Sugar1
Marr’s sugar ladies give us a tasty visualization of desire and decay; a tantalising combination of both the sweet forbidden substance and stripped down sculptures.

The translucent candy-like texture gives the naked bodies a sensual feel and its color and whimsical appeal. The alluring juxtaposition between the sugary syrup and the naked bodies represents the way that sexual relationships can be sweet and satisfying, but also turn sticky and tacky, like romance can feel in some contexts.


His sweet women could also be a reflection of destruction and transformation, showing how beauty can fade (or melt) away in a blink of an eye. Marr therefore translates the concept of beauty into something that tastes super-sweet, but is not build to last.

Marr colors his work with ingredients like cola and raspberry fruit; and has experimented with different substances for his other works, e.g. Ahoi Brause flavour (German effevescent powder) and licorice, preserved with several layers of polyurethane to make them durable. For example the 9 meter long installation ‘Together’ now embellishes the bar area at the infamous Berlin nightclub ‘Berghain’.



Yum. You can view more of Joseph Marr’s delicious work on his website.





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