$HOP: Introducing the NEW SUNSHYNE CRIMES store!!!

I hope you’re all thoroughly enjoying this most delicious new year!!!  How’s it treating you so far?

Have you resolved to have a bit of a healthier and kinder year this year? Yes?

Well, keep those gorgeous peepers on this blog!!

Whether your goals are to overhaul that toxic makeup kit and replenish it with more natural products; be kinder to your skin and your health; or to live a more positive, kick ass and inspired life- I am here, fully equipped in my rock star eco warrior garb- to guide, protect and help you.

One of my BIGGEST aims this year is to hook up with some amazing kick ass brands and bring you the best organic, toxin free and high impact cosmetics and beauty gear around.  I’ll be hunting down the cream of the crop and researching the hell out of each and every product, to bring you the BEST natural and safe alternatives on the market- so you can finally give the boot to your old chemically-overloaded mascara and your poison-laced lippie!

I’m here to listen to what you want and what you need.  It’s time to LOVE yourself down to the core and be your true badass self!

Beauty from the inside as well as out 🙂

So whether you’re searching for the perfect organic/ mineral makeup or some beautiful lotions and potions for your hair, skin and face, make sure you BOOKMARK me, add me to your favourites, check in with me, and keep me in your line of sight!

AND- most importantly- CHECK OUT THE NEW STORE!!!

FEATURE19-966W.2picture credit: Damian Stephens at DDT for Harlow Australia

OR -Click on the SHOP tab on this blog at the top, and click on the picture to be taken to the store.

Don’t forget to ask away if you have any questions, happy to help as always superstars! AND DO let me know if there are any products at the top of your wish list you’d love for me to get hold of for YOU.

Here’s to living a life of nourishment and kindness toward your good self this year!

Mucho amore  !!

Danee Sunshyne XOXOX

PS. If you are the CREATOR or DIRECTOR of a kick ass genuine, eco rock star uber awesome organic brand, please get in touch with me PRONTO! I’d love to talk with you about stocking your product.


Hey lovers, leave me a comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts....

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