GLOW: The wonders of lavender for hair and health

Ah Lavender! That most marvelous of essential oils, with a sweet, fresh aroma guaranteed to conjur up images of spring fields, country gardens, and relaxing, dreamlike spa experiences.

But its more than just a pretty smell.  It also has wide and varied therapeutic benefits- especially for the hair!!

Lavender is a natural relaxant. It soothes and calms body and mind, helping to ward off insomnia.  Known for its stress relieving properties, it lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, which helps you relax! Try adding a few drops in a hot bath, or mixing with carrier oil for a massage, to ease away the day’s stress and aid a good night’s sleep.

Lavender oil is the essential oil of a lavender plant, derived from the stalks and flowers. The history of Lavender dates back at least as far as the Roman Empire. It was here lavender oil, with its antiseptic qualities, was used to treat battle wounds.  Fast forward to today and lavender and its oil has many uses both medicinally and for the home.

The wide variety of uses for this remarkable oil is truly astonishing and is indispensible in your medicine cabinet. With its strong wound-healing properties, lavender oil can be used on minor cuts and grazes, simply by dabbing a few drops straight onto the affected area.  Lavender oil is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Used neat or added to water or creams, it can cleanse the skin and prevent and heal sebaceous spots and irritations.

Lavender oil is also a mild analgesic and a few neat drops of lavender oil gently massaged onto the temples can help stop a persistent headache. As well, this wonder oil is anti-inflammatory and can be used to cool, relieve and help heal burns and sunburn. A few drops applied to the affected area can do the trick.

Lavender oil is also wonderful for the hair!  Because lavender oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, it is helpful for maintaining a healthy scalp.  Lavender oil enhances blood circulation, improving the health of your scalp, and is really helpful in controlling hair breakage and improving hair growth.

It can be used to treat dandruff, psoriasis of the scalp and hair loss. High stress levels can lead to many common hair and scalp issues, especially hair loss and alopecia areata, a medical condition in which hair is lost from some or all areas of the body. Because lavender oil is naturally helpful in reducing stress, it can be used along with other stress relievers to reduce the risk of hair loss.

A relaxing scalp massage with lavender oil can help cure insomnia and improve sleep quality, and it relaxes you and helps you get rid of anxiety. This in turn helps control hair loss, as insomnia, stress, depression are among the common and probable causes of this problem.   When we get enough sleep and have mental peace, this ensures that hair loss stays in control.By keeping these scalp conditions at bay, your scalp is able to be rejuvenated.  And what comes out of a healthy scalp? Healthy hair of course!

Wondering how you can reap some of the nourishing and therapeutic benefits of this amazing oil and incorporate it into your hair care routine?

You could try 10-15 drops of lavender essential oil per 1 oz. or around 30 mls of your favorite carrier oil (jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, and even olive oil are great).  Massage this lavender-infused oil into the scalp or warm it up for a hot oil treatment.  Let it set for 15-60 minutes before shampooing for a great treatment that helps with dandruff or itchy scalp.  If you keep using it regularly, you will start noticing its benefits within a few weeks or months.

If you’re after a fantastic everyday conditioner that adds weightless moisture and harnesses the benefits of lavender, you could also try the Nourishing Everyday EO® French Lavender Conditioner I have available in the Sunshyne Crimes online store. This cruelty free, pH Balanced, non synthetic formula is made from pure essential oils and is a great way to get your lavender fix!


It combines synergistic ingredients, including Pure French Lavender oil,  to protect hair from daily environmental effects and soothe and nurture the hair shaft. It gently conditions, repairs existing damage, and protects hair from further damage.  A range  of other key active ingredients nurture and pamper including Gotu Kola, quinoa protein (high in amino acids to fortify and condition) and hibiscus, which is rich in alpha hydroxy and amino acids to rehydrate keratin fibers adding luster and smoothness.

Its a fantastic everyday product that I’m proud to stand behind! I am using it at the moment and its both gorgeous smelling- adding to your total experience of loveliness AND great for your hair to boot! My hair has definitely been softer and bouncier since I’ve started using it and I can’t wait to see how the condition of my hair, which is prone to falling out, improves in a few months. Use this everyday in conjunction with a regular lavender oil treatment to give your hair some real beneficial nourishment!

You could also combine your lavender oil with some lemongrass essential oil (also terrific for hair nourishment, strengthening hair follicles which promotes hair growth) for a real one-two punch!

Benefits of lovely lavender:

  • Rubbing lavender oil on your scalp daily can stimulate your scalp which in turn promotes hair growth
  • Anti-bacterial, helps to heal scalp infections, itchy scalp and dandruff
  • As an antiseptic, it can get rid of lice and lice eggs
  • Deeply conditions hair
  • Fights against hair shedding
  • Adds volume to the hair shaft
  • Helps prevent baldness

Awesome stuff lavender!

You can purchase the EO Pure Performance Everyday Conditioner in French Lavender here.

What products do you normally use to heal or keep hair problems at bay?

Have you used lavender oil for your hair before? I’d love to hear of your experiences. Please share your comments below!



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