LOOK OF THE WEEK: ‘Glam Glitter Party look’

I created this look particularly with the impending festive season in mind. Inspired by drag makeup in all its glittery, sparkly glory, I thought I would create a glitter-lidded party look that one could wear to parties and events and sparkle the night away!

I kind of wanted to do an ode to fabulous drag makeup with this look, but obviously this is waaaay toned-down – I’ve used the sparkles and the contouring as well as some high sheen lips and mega watt lashes to complete this look, but its really not drag at all. There’s no covered up/ faux brows and I’ve stayed pretty much with the contours of my face and my lips without being too outrageous. Nevertheless, there is a lot of makeup in this look. If I could remember everything I used, I would break it down, but I’m bad like that! 🙂 Read below for the basics of the look.

‘Glam Glitter Party look’
Makeup and Hair by Danee Sunshyne MUA ©2013









I primed with ‘Set The Stage Primer’ then buffed on a layer of ‘Face Atelier’s Pro Ultra Foundation’ for the base, setting with MUFE’s loose translucent finishing powder.

I contoured using a MAC bronzer and a contour kit, then used my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette to create some somewhat heavily contoured lids. I used black liquid eyeliner, and lashings of mascara applied to curled lashes. I used an eyelash adhesive lightly applied to the eyelids and topped this delicately with some different glitters I had in silver and gold- I wanted it to be a nice mix of the two to look sort of white gold.

I topped off the eyes with a pair of Smink lashes to the top lash line. If I’d wanted to amp up the look I could have used another pair of lashes on the top and some lashes on the lower lash line also. This would have made the look a little more drag.

The lips were lined, filled in with a bright candy pink, set with powder, and colour re-applied. I sealed the lipstick with a sealer, let it dry, then added a light layer of MAC Dazzleglass in ‘Snow’. I also added a small amount of Smashbox’s ‘Lux Shimmer Overlay’ a divine gloss-like substance that is like smashed up liquid crystal. Shiny, sparkly, and totally dazzly, its amazing stuff.

As for the hair, well, I went a bit nuts! I really wanted to make a voluminous kind of mess! I curled sections on a small 3/4″ curling wand, backcombed them and hairsprayed the hell out of it. By the time I took some pics it had kinda dropped (silly fine tresses!) but you get the idea, perhaps 🙂

Hope you like! x


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