LOOK OF THE WEEK: Aardvark Shoot

Last October I had the pleasure of working on a photo shoot for an album launch by a bunch of very talented and special young Melbourne musos.


This young bunch of kids forms part of a group called Aardvark.


Aardvark is a not-for-profit organisation, conceived by Sarah Giufre and Bel Harper in 2007.  The organisation uses the power of music to give young people living with illness or disability the opportunity to re-expand their identity and wellbeing through creative self-expression, skills development and collaboration.

Aardvark’s programs bring young participants together with professional musos such as Gotye, Paul Dempsey, The Living End, as well as music therapists to write, record and perform their own original music.

Today it has grown into an organisation that improves the lives of many young people living with chronic illness and disability.

Aardvark’s creative director is Monique Brumby,  two-time ARIA Award winner, performer and songwriter and all round mega-nice woman and inspiration! Monique was there on the day spreading her gorgeous energy throughout the group, directing them, supporting them and being generally amazing and encouraging.  You can really see her passion for this group of very special individuals and it shows in the way she cares for them and lovingly supports everything they do. She even helped me out by prepping skin and getting bases on as it was a rather large group for one MUA! Thank you so much Monique! ❤ ❤

I had such an amazing experience helping these guys out for their album shoot; it was a very special day indeed and we all had lots of fun!


Below are some of the looks from the day. We wanted to let their personalities and youthful good looks shine through and not cover them up with layers and layers of makeup like a mask! Each of them came to the shoot with their own unique styling ideas which was great, and I worked with them to make the feel a bit rock n roll whilst still allowing them to express their youth and sense of adventure!

These young people are truly exceptional and amazing; their energy and positive spirit was ultra impressive, as was their professionalism and their ability to express their ideas and their dreams. I loved hearing their stories and their ambitions, it really brought it home to me that no matter what, follow your heart and your dreams and don’t let anything get in your way.

I was so glad to be a part of this special shoot.

Aardvark is an organisation that is truly doing remarkable things to help kids overcome their barriers, while supporting and nurturing their incredible talent. Check out their CD if you’d like to hear more- they’re amazing!!

If you’d like to read more about what Aardvark do, you can check them out here!











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