STYLE STALK: Audrey Napoleon

DJ, model, singer-songwriter, producer, remixer and style icon, Audrey Napoleon is the perfect combination of edgy, dark and individual style.

Napoleon began exploring electronic music and meandered along many different pathways before finding her signature sound which she describes as “dark romance, very fluid, and like you’re in a womb.” She hit the stage of Coachella this year with her signature style and appeared as the love interest/headlining DJ in a popular Heineken commercial along with her track #My Sunrise.

The fair- skinned beauty can usually be seen with black, navy or carmine coloured lips. She describes her style as romantic goth, frequently graces best-dressed fashion lists, and has a penchant for anything Alexander McQueen.  As testament, she has ‘God Save McQueen’ inked on her inner arm.

Behind the decks, she dresses to reflect her dynamic stage presence and can frequently be seen in anything from avant-garde ensembles to sleek, sexy leather bodices. She’s a fan of Kao Pao Shu dresses, Mother of London and Jeffrey Campbell. ‘I love being a woman and it’s a beautiful thing that I embrace. I feel that anyone who watches me on stage, in the studio, or listens to my music will hear that I’m not faking it. I exercise creativity in nearly everything I do; even in simple things like how I make my coffee and how I prepare to go to sleep. Even when I dream I’m dreaming of the things I want to do and I’ll wake up with all sorts of ideas.’

To emulate Audrey’s suave, edgy style, think leather, lace and black, black, black. Accessorise with bold pendants and statement rings, some attitude, perhaps a sleek raven mane; and you’re on your way to Napoleon chic.

Check out her edgy style below for a little inspiration, and following the visuals, a mixtape by Audrey via PodOmatic, ‘Sextape Volume 9’. Look and listen.

_MG_9810_final 205691_10150152645644846_82624174845_6362524_4754213_n 144122498 audrey_napoleon_gretchen_lanhamnew_small12 AudreyNapoleon audrey-napoleon AUDREY-NAPOLEON_Gretchen-Lanham_small IMG_0313 IMG_9238b2 IMG_9356a

Audrey Napoleon- ‘Sextape Vol. 9’



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