FASHION OBSESSION: Nika Danielska Design

Nika Danielska is a stylist and sculptor who brings fetish and biomorphic concepts to the forefront of her dramatic, macabre style.

Sharp and daring in design, her heavily-infused-with-fetish designs feature masks, neck braces, shoulder spikes and constricting skeletal cages.

The bone-like pieces contort the body for the sake of fashion.  Slightly creepy, slightly scary, these intricately wrought pieces are at once lavish and bold; glamorous yet edgy; unique and daring. Danielska is adept at blurring the lines between pain and couture with the almost-frightening demeanor of some of the designs.

Spines, feathers, skeletons, and bones are given an almost Giger-like treatment as they morph into something entirely different, and more intricate and unusual under the artist’s hand.

Danielska uses wire, paper and glue to mould and create her magical botanical-inspired that take on amazing new forms when placed on and around the human frame.

Enjoy the darkly beautiful and unique work of this amazing artisan! Danielska Design Haute Macabre _ 11Nika Danielska Design Haute Macabre _ 06Nika Danielska Design Haute Macabre _ 03Nika Danielska Design Haute Macabre _ 10Nika Danielska Design Haute Macabre _ 04

For more info, visit:
Kate Strucka, photography (for all images from the “She Sells Seashells” collection, as above)


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