MUSIC: Wax Idols ‘When It Happens’

Forgoing any sort of overblown production or a fancy video, Wax Idols produced a raw black and white video for their track, “When It Happens”.  Directed by Hayden Shiebler, the song revels in its black and white, stripped down visuals, showcasing the band performing live in all their unfiltered post-punk glory.

Apparently Oakland, CA’s Wax Idols prefer to zig where others might zag. With their melodic dark-pop aesthetic, their full, twisted sound would seem more at home in the foggy, damp British climate than that of sunny California.  Wax Idols seem to prefer hiding in the shadows of that other California, where the sun doesn’t always shine.

Wax Idols’ new album, Discipline & Desire, is out now via Slumberland Records.  Sure to pique the interest of anyone into dark, new wave vibes.

Watch their suitably shadowy visuals below.

‘I was dancing alone at the edge of the world
I was singing my old praises to the audience alone
I was listening in on’across the yard
I was laughing to myself because I don’t feel so alone
So if they’re right, yeah, if they’re right
I’m talking here tonight’


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