KNOW YOUR PRODUCT: The wonder of primer


Primer : that all important first step to creating a lasting professional base. As a makeup artist I can’t stress enough the importance of priming. Primers are a crucial step at keeping oil at bay, filling in fine lines and providing a smooth canvas for your foundation to stick to.


Other than the fact that it gives your makeup super powers of longevity and stops it from sliding off your face, did you know that a primer is also rather excellent at keeping those pores under control? It forms a kind of protective barrier between your dermis and foundation, and in doing so it won’t let foundation ‘settle’ into pores.

The result? Less visible pores. Win! This is particularly good if you have clogged or enlarged pores (like me!). It’s also a champion at smoothing over fine wrinkles and lumps and bumps. Converted yet?


Primer comes in many different varieties and there is likely to be a primer out there to suit your most wildest of purposes. Consistency-wise, there are the heavier-duty silicone based primers that glide on like a velvet glove (which are great if you don’t mind using silicone on your skin- I do). There are also lighter primers without silicone in a range of creams, gels and lotions.


There are also different hues available to address specific skin concerns. Green-colored primers will combat redness from rosacea or acne. Mauve/light purple counteracts sallow undertones while pink helps brighten complexions.

You can also choose a primer that is suited for your specific skin type also- be it oily, dry or combination.


At the mo, I am particularly enamoured with the Korres Quercitin and Oak Anti-Ageing Primer. It’s an awesome ultra-smoothing lotion that feels really light and fresh on the skin. The real winner for me is that its free of parabens/ sulfates/ synthetic fragrances/ petro-Chemicals/ phthalates/ GMOs and triclosan! Yep- free of all the baddies. Probably the best I have tried personally for a while.


I’ve been using a sample sized one and it’s lasted me about two months (I just used the last drop today- boo). While I can’t tote its anti-ageing benefits (I’m not a huge fan of that label) I mainly use it for its pore-reducing effects.  I can vouch for the fact that my skin has looked a lot smoother and more refreshed and less like the surface of the moon since I’ve been using it!

So there you go. Celeb glamour makeup denizen Napoleon Perdis has made a mantra of ‘not to prime is a crime.’

“It’s been my career-long mantra as it helps finesse your foundation, helping your skin to stay flawless for longer,” says Perdis.


Remember that and make one part of your daily routine!



3 thoughts on “KNOW YOUR PRODUCT: The wonder of primer

  1. daniejean20 says:

    Just found your blog and I love all the helpful tips you give to your readers. Primer has always been a tricky thing for me to remember applying. May I ask as to why you don’t like applying silicone based primers on your skin?? I really like the texture of the silicone based ones myself.

    Feel free to check out my blog and follow me too at

    • Danee Sunshyne says:

      Hi Daniejean, thanks for your feedback and the lovely comments. I always had a problem remembering to prime to (I’m hopeless!) now I just keep a sample size in my makeup bag and try my darndest to mentally remind myself every single day. I’ve switched to using a BB cream during the day for a slightly lighter and fresher look, rather than caking on foundation. I find the primer really helps it stay put and my skin looks pretty natural (but a better version). The jury really is still out about silicone (dimethicone) in our skin and hair products. The reason I don’t personally like using silicone-based primers is that I find they clog my pores a little and my skin tends to break out. This could also be because they rarely come alone, rather most products that contain them also contain PEGs, phenoxyethanol, petrolatum, or parabens, so perhaps my sensitive skin is reacting to them? Many opponents to silicone say its toxic and doesn’t break down in nature easily; it’s occlusive (that means it sits on the surface of the skin and blocks moisture from escaping—but also blocks other things from going in); and because it might be comedogenic (the research is equivocal on this one). On the other hand, its molecule weight makes it impossible to migrate past the top layer of your skin—which is where it’s designed to sit. So its a matter of personal choice but for someone like me who’s skin is super-angsty, I choose to avoid Meanwhile I am trying as many primers as I can on a quest to find the perfect one that balances good-for-your-skin ingredients and optimum finish! Stay tuned xDS

  2. kidney pain says:

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