TOOL TIP : How to find your eyeliner soulmate

Liquid, pencil, marker, crayon, or gel?  It’s a minefield out there and with  so many choices its easy to get baffled and not know where to begin!

So so often, eyeliner is skipped altogether because its just too-hard-basket to decide which type to go for – let alone the all important choice of colour. Get it right, and it opens up so many options for your peepers!

Make it your new BFF, not your foe, with these foolproof tips to picking the right consistency for the look you wish to achieve.

Thanks to LA–based celeb makeup pro Robyn Cosio over at for these pointers!

Check out some of my recommended buys to recreate the look – most of the brands here being organic, certified organic or certified natural! Yay.

From dramatic to subtle and smokey, we’ve got you covered.


You want…. A soft, natural line



soft eye liner 75x75 How to Shop for Eyeliner

The go-to product: A pencil liner. Easy to control, the blendable formula is forgiving of mistakes.

Try :  Inika Organic Eyeliner Pencil in Black Caviar.  A divine, creamy, true black.  Around $29 from  Inika 

Tip: Make tiny dots between the hairs along the lash lines for subtle definition.


You want….A wearable, daytime-appropriate line


daytime eye liner 75x75 How to Shop for Eyeliner

The go-to product: Gel liner. Has major staying power, but can be diffused by blending. Also comes in a dazzling array of colours, from teals, browns, metallics to eggplant, silver, grey and white.

Try : Morgan Annie Organic Gel Liner in Black.  Around $39.95 from  Morgan Annie

Tip: After dipping the brush into the pot, wipe off excess liner on a tissue before applying


You want…. A strong, defined line


eyeliner1strong eye liner 75x75 How to Shop for Eyeliner

The go-to product: One of the latest marker liners. Their fine, stiff tip can be used for thin and thick lines.

Try: Smashbox Love Me Paint Pen Eye Liner ($24; or the Marbella Organic Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner Pen from

Tip: Hold the marker on its side as close as possible to your lashes, then sweep outward.


You want….A bold razor-sharp line with a wet-looking finish

Beautiful portrait


bold eyeliner 75x75 How to Shop for Eyeliner

The go-to product: Liquid liner, of course! Ideal for dramatic looks, the fine brush creates clean definition.

Try :  Lavera Liquid Eyeliner. Certified 100% natural, and containing certified organic ingredients ($26 AUD, available from Nourished Life)

Tip: Starting at the inner corner, draw short strokes in three small sections, not one long line.


You want…A heavy, smoky line


smokey eye liner 75x75 How to Shop for Eyeliner

The go-to product: A fat, creamy crayon. The tip is wide, so you’ll get a thicker, more intense effect.

Try :  Sephora Collection Jumbo Liner 12HR Wear Waterproof ($14; or Livinia Naturals Natural Eyeliner. 100% Natural and Vegan. This one is in electric blue! Available Nourished Life, around $16.95 AUD.

Tip:  Turn the crayon on its side for a delicate line, or smudge the wide part for a night-out look.


Too easy right? Now get your gel, liquid, pencil or crayons at the ready and start having some fun!!

x DS


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