NOURISH: health inspirations

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and articles lately on the topic of a more natural way of living, getting back to basics if you will.

In particular Jessica Ainscough’s site ‘The Wellness Warrior‘.  Jessica is just an amazing and inspiring person, and has such a wonderful story.  After developing a rare form of cancer a few years back she managed to avoid having her arm amputated, which was what her doctors suggested she do as the only way to stop it from spreading.  Instead she chose an alternative holistic pathway to healing as she believed that chemotherapy and radiation therapy are truly toxic to the body and can massively debilitate its ability to heal. Now, several years on and after following a strict (and hard!) natural regime and healing herself with food, Jessica has beaten the cancer with a holistic, healthy and natural approach.  The particular brand of therapy she underwent is called Gerson Therapy and its pretty hardcore- we’re talking several coffee enemas a day, frequent fresh juices (as in, being chained to a juicer practically) and shots of castor oil every other day. Blech. But hey- it seems to have worked for her and countless others- so its pretty amazing. Google it if you’re interested in what it entails – it’s a really intense but  interesting treatment protocol.

Jessica is living proof that with the right mindset and a will to discover alternative ways around things, anything is possible. She’s a hugely inspiring person with her amazing strength, resilience and motivation. She possesses and inspires a huge sense of faith in the body healing itself if given the right tools and support.  Her blog is a great read, with a wealth of information on nutrition, healing and clean products and ways of life; it really does make your own battles oh-so-insignificant.

The fact is, after enduring my own set of concerns (nothing as serious as cancer mind, let me put that into perspective) I’ve really opened my mind up, more than I ever have before, to the possibilities that exist in the natural world for healing and living abundantly. A couple of posts on Jessica’s blog about what products she uses and those she avoids have really driven this home for me.

I quit smoking 4 months ago (yay me! a massive milestone) and have recently decided to abstain from alcohol for a length of time greater than my previously held record of 6 days. I’ve embarked on a pretty rigorous detox program prescribed by my naturopath, with the aim of stimulating and kickstarting my immune system out of its state of rigidity; involving lots of water, clean eating, supplementation, homeopathics, no baddies, plenty of sleep and exercise.

However, it’s occurred to me that despite the steps I take to minimise exposure to hormone-altering nasties in my environment, there’s still a lot more I can do, especially in the area of personal care.  If I’m eating pretty cleanly, and living as cleanly as I can, wouldn’t it make sense to only put clean products on my skin?

It’s becoming scarily clear that we have much higher incidences of diabetes, cancer, hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues, obesity, food allergies, sensitivities, and digestive ailments, than ANY other population before us. Why? Mass industrialisation saw the introduction of a slew of toxic preservatives and chemical compounds to manufactured goods in order to improve productivity, efficiency, shelf life and reduce costs. Most, if not all, having detrimental effects on our health and that of the greater ecosystem and planet Earth.  And as one of your body’s major organs, your skin is the first point of entry for many of these harmful toxins and additives. Sometimes it seems to much to comprehend. Its overwhelming how much junk we come into contact with every day that pollutes our air, our space, our skin.

For me, its time to get empowered to make the changes towards a more improved and healthier life.  I need to go all the way, Mae.  And that starts with what I put on my skin. I know I want to lead as toxic-free life as POSSIBLE, whilst learning and educating my dear friends, family and readers about the hidden nasties in top-selling beauty & lifestyle brands.  Enough dipping my toe into trying natural this and natural that, whilst still succumbing to the allure of a tried and tested old trusty brand that is full of junk.  I’m going to reassess my living needs and my ideas about what I use and make a commitment to better my world.

So now over to you. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this. Are you ready to give toxic preservatives and chemical compounds in our manufactured goods the boot? Have you already done so? How are you finding your way?

Please leave me a comment below and lets start a dialogue!

Good health be yours lovers!



4 thoughts on “NOURISH: health inspirations

  1. A Table in the Sun says:

    You’re coming to some very important realizations. There are so many good sites out there for learning to live a healthy life (and beat cancer, diabetes, etc). My own personal belief is that we have screwed up our guts with antibiotics, altering the natural flora we were born with. The gut is critical to all systems in the body. Congrats on quitting smoking.

    • Danee Sunshyne says:

      I very much agree with you! Digestive health is oh-so-important as our first line of defense against illness and health-degrading free radicals and such. Our lifestyles and our diets have gradually over time evolved to a state where our immunity and our digestion is so much weaker than our predecessors. Hence why we are all getting sick at an alarming rate. Thanks so much for your feedback. Happy to report I’m now 10 months free of the nicotine curse! Here’s to good health x

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