MUSIC: Poison ‘Cry Tough’

I officially deem it a Poison kinda day today! I just received a call rejecting our kickass amazing application on an amazing rental property which we truly deserved, because we are, well, amazing,  hence I’m feeling in a ‘suck it up’ kinda mood. And Poison certainly seems an apt soundtrack.

Had I received the same call yesterday, when I had been very patiently playing THE WAITING GAME, eyes firmly fixed to the phone and to my email, in the hope that one of them would bring me *good news*, I may have probably been upset, for a bit. Heart a little bit broken and all that.

But today…I’m all like ‘meh’.  A little angry, a little jaded by the process (3 days and no feedback? cmon…) but mostly I’m kind of apathetic. It WASN’T meant to be.  Sometimes its easier to disengage the heart when something drags the hell out for SO long, and so uncomfortably, and with so much bad juju around it. Example: the agent calling me today to advise there was a bidding war, would we like to enter into it? Erm. NO.

So, water off a duck’s back today, lessons learned, lalala. Never, ever expect that timeliness and merit mean a flying razzle dazzle in this age of the cutthroat rental game. Money talks, and no matter how unfair and just plain SUCKY, at the end of the day greed won out. Whatevs.  I’m glad we didn’t get it, in the end. No matter how perfect it was for us, that agent would have been an absolute nightmare to deal with.  And a company that encourages that kind of unethical bidding warfare for a rental property is not the sort of company I want to do business with.

So, no time for feeling rejected and despondent.  I’m feeling good about having the pride and dignity to not enter into a competition based on money. Not how I operate.  Now I’m like ‘bring on the next one, I will kick even more ass!’ A minor fuse blow, a moment of mayhem, and then back on the horse. A refocusing of the efforts, energies and priorities.  How good! My armour is toughening up!

So, back to Poison. Yes, Poison, they of hirsute prowess, ball strangling-tight leather, glam rock flamboyance aplenty and their own brand  sleazy, erectual frustration with the purdy-lipped and well-coiffed Brett Michaels at the helm.

‘Cry Tough’ was Poison’s debut single from Look What the Cat Dragged In; a ‘killer slice of Hollywood glam zeitgeist unparalleled in every aspect’, a must-see for any self-respecting 80’s hair-band freak like me.  Charisma, machismo, testosterone, talent, call it what you will, Poison certainly possessed a  unique and heady mix of all of these elements! Watch and enjoy 🙂





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