ICONICA: Leigh Viner

My fabulous friend Kerry recently turned me on to the artwork of the very talented Leigh Viner. Kerry had recently acquired a set of beautiful, feminine, striking art prints for her studio from the artist‘s Etsy store, which she said were at a ‘very affordable price’. After checking out some of the artist’s work online it wasn’t long until I too was spellbound.

I’ve always gravitated towards art works with a focus on the female form, and in particular, the face. My own noodlings and attempts at illo and fashion design have more often than not been renderings of serene, mysterious faces, pouty sultry lips, big doe eyes.  I’m naturally enamoured by the works of Sylvia Ji,  Ray Caesar, Viveros, Stella Im Hultberg, Audrey Kawasaki and their ilk, who represent the feminine form to convey sensuality, mystery, emotional engagement, eye-catching elegance, passion, aspiration and desire.  Its a mode I’ve always felt compelled to draw myself and an aesthetic I’ve always felt a connection with.

Viner is a self-taught freelance artist, illustrator and photographer from Denver.  With minimal art training, Viner has largely taught herself how to make magic on paper. As it happens, Viner has always had a gift for art, dabbling in just about every art form, from makeup artistry, photography, drawing, painting, designing.

Giving birth to her beautiful daughter was a turning point for Viner who up until that point had supported her art with a 9 to 5 job. Motherhood was a catalyst for great change and with much gusto she decided to pursue a career as a full-time artist.  She launched an Etsy shop and soon, orders started coming in, her online presence became stronger, and people from all over the world began to recognize her and her work.   Her stunning Etsy abode is full of her affordable prints  and some  gorgeous black and white photography prints.

Viner is supporting herself as a full-time artist, landing some pretty high-end lucrative celebrity clients commissioning her work along the way. Her work has been featured on the cover of DuJour magazine and in Charle‘s Nolan flagship store in NYC.

Her decadent works are very influenced by high fashion, couture, and her versatile skills definitely define her gorgeous fashion illustration style.

Rendered in ink or acrylic, Viner’s pretty girls are decadent, glamorous, romantic, ethereal, and the result of a divine talent.

Her raw technique displays a dependence on free-form lines and fabulous splashes and pops of colour,  resulting in portraits with colour and personality. Loose and expressive line work makes her work so inviting and powerful.

You can follow Leigh’s escapades over on her blog, and to see more of her work head over to her website.

You can purchase prints at the jkldesign Etsy shop.  Also check out Leigh’s YouTube channel that combines her art with the touching music of Olivier Bostvironnois.

A special thanks to my friend Kerry for introducing me to the delights of Leigh Viner’s work!

What she loves: “The excitement of an idea, the tiredness and pleasure of creation and the freedom of completion.”



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