MUSINGS: 2013….Welcome, you!

Well, it has certainly been a long time coming, but after some much needed rest, relaxation and a recharge of the ol’ AAAs, I have resurfaced, relatively shiny and new ready to face a brand spankin’ new one.

I’ve resolved to start paying a little more attention to this little space here, as it has been long neglected with the spate of silly season commitments and what-not. But I’m back in full force for 2013! And what better way to kick things of than with a couple o’ New Year’s Resolutions.

As I understand, you either do (make them), or you don’t. If you’re in the latter camp you’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking to yourself ‘resolutions, schmesolutions’.  I know right? Why should we wait for a new year to make all these grand sweeping statements of things we’re going to change and do better? Why not instill the changes everyday?

Yes true. For one, I try to reflect every day if I can and try to always find better ways of being me.  I don’t just wait til the new year to think, ‘shit, epiphany, I gotta drop some pounds or kick that nic habit’. Nosireeee. Did that one back in October (the kicking the fags thing).

However, I think in a lot of people’s cases, mine included, the resolutions we come up with at New Year are really a reflection of all that we have achieved in the closing year and a way of mapping things forward for the year coming.  A blueprint for success, if you will, and a set of measures to instill to make things bigger, better, harder, stronger.  In my case I like to think I don’t set myself unnecessarily high stretch goals.  I see these resolutions, or guides, more a way of resetting some parameters on the how I do the what I do. These come off the back of everything I experienced last year, with me at the helm figuring out how to do things just that little bit better with more grace, smiles, and a sunnier disposition.


As an aside, I had actually been meaning to write these out on paper, penning ways in which I am going to make these happen in practise, and the reasons why I need to, and then set fire to them in some sort of dramatic fashion in a ball of flame, smoke and booze as fuel. but, nyahh. Was too busy relaxing on my break to do that You get that.

Deep breath, here goes.

1. Be more wise/ vigilant/ frugal with money.  Yeah yeah yeah. This is one of those not-so-realistic goals that I try to set for myself every year. And every year I get that little bit better at managing my money and my affairs. But I do tend to have the occasional slip up when I just don’t care what I’m, spending and if it goes beyond my budget or not. Yeah, bad me. As long as I’m committed to thinking about it, I can only improve. And this year I have some pretty big and important plans including a trip to Europe in August, so this kick up the butt is especially justified. Time to start living frugally again! Ho hum.


2. No more morning tv…happy tune time! For some stoopid insane reason I had slipped into the habit late last year of turning on the tube in the morning whilst I got ready for work. Why the fuck I did this I do not know. I never normally watch much TV so it makes no sense. I think I felt perhaps I needed some background noise rather than silence, seeming as the radio is way up the other end of the house in our bedroom, and it would take too long to fiddle around with my computer in the morning, which was probably half asleep anyway, and the itunes wouldn’t load and I didn’t want to disturb my partner working… blah. Excuses. I’d switch on some morning TV and listen to their inane bullshit and daily meanderings on the Royal bump and all kinds of absolutely irrelevant musings on life. And wondered why I was getting in bad moods. I know, right? STUPID GIRL material. Well, genius here had a lightbulb moment and now have out a ban on such programming in the mornings. No more. Only happy fun times music in the morning from now on from my super happy morning fun times play list (more on this in another post!) I’m hoping this should equate to some fairly smooth sailing in the AMs from here on in! Now how to figure out how to make the gym more fun :O

3. Try to be more of an early bird. Mornings are not my best time, for a variety of reasons (see above, and also, I like my sleep ALOT), but for the past few months prior to Christmas I had been doing this steadily every day, and I have to say it is one of the best changes I have ever made. There is nothing better than getting up early, having the time to do some kind of movement like yoga, boxing, dancing whatever, and being ready for work by like, 8am, feeling like you’ve already conquered the world!


4. More gratitude, less expectation.  I must remind myself to learn to appreciate both the little and big things in life. I also have to let go of the idea of expecting kind things and words and support from others, especially those who you would expect it from, like family. You get what you are given, and all I can continue to do is be grateful for that which I do get, and radiate. I continue to be completely floored by the support and encouragement I get from some very unexpected places, and I am supremely grateful for it, as that is what keeps me going. We have a tendency as people to always want more than what we presently have, to want what we can’t and disproportionately view that which we have as inferior. The lesson I am always conscious to remind myself of is : expect less, give and forgive more.


5. More laughing/ loving/ art / dancing….self explanatory really. I’m in my happiest of places when surrounded by opportunities to dance, laugh, love, self-express, create and appreciate. So far so good, one week in and there’s been plenty of all of the above!


6. I have dubbed 2013 the year of fire. I wish to set fire to things that hold me back, use emotions as fuel rather than let them extinguish my drive and enthusiasm for life. I’ll be alighting my creative path with energy and motivation and hard work. Yeah baby! Let me stand next to yours too, if you will, I’d love that! 🙂


7. Being more sustainable – continuing to acquire the skills, knowledge and tools needed to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. I’d like to have the time to get out in the garden more and grow our own nourishment- eg herbalism, living food nutrition. I’d also love to get a couple of laying hens this year and I’m certain that a fantastic, light-filled new pad with great energy and a big backyard is just around the corner waiting for us!

8. Greater commitment to health and nurturing the physical and emotional self. This includes loving, nurturing and accepting myself and stopping the constant highlighting of flaws. It drives my partner bonkers and it’s such a huge waste of energy.  The lingering self esteem issues need to be sorted once and for all and I need to stop doubting myself if I’m going to be in the most fierce and fearless place I can be.  I need to quit dwelling on how other people’s actions impact on me so much and get. over. it. As I read very recently, ‘what other people think of you is none of your business’. Here, here. This flows out of number 4 quite nicely.


9. Remembering to give back to your creative (and greater) community— always be grateful, humble, supportive and encouraging of others who are doing fantastic, creative and wonderful things. They may need your little pat on the back more than you realise. And also those who are less needy, goes without saying.

10. Cook more, drink less. I don’t drink a hellovalot these days but would like to go a good stretch sans the happy juice. Its pretty engrained in my psyche that a drink in hand equates with relaxation.  I need to reprogram for a while methinks, more or less to gets things back to fierce and fearless state! And I’d looove to have more time to indulge in my passion for cooking. It’s sorta taken a bit of a back seat of late.  Time to rectify!


11. Rid oneself of accumulated clutter and purge purge purge! I’ve started to do this step by step and its feeling OK. I’m not at scary-hoarder-needing-intervention-level so its OK, I just like my things and everything generally has a purpose (even if its just to remind me of something). But I’m looking at things now with much more scrutinous gaze. If it doesn’t serve a purpose, or I haven’t used or worn it in over 12 months, its gotta go. By the same token, I’m committed to consuming less. I’m trying to be more mindful of where the things I buy come from and how they make an impact on the cycle of life and the environment. Only buying things that will last and can be reused/ recycled or refashioned/ refurbished down the chain. I’ve gradually been putting this into practise the last few months, by avoiding plastic where possible, but I know I can do much better.

12. Finally, I would like to continue to build a positive mindset, and breath empowerment, compassion and energy as much as possible! Its sometimes hard work to overcome the negativity and self doubt that can sometimes can creep in. I’m certainly in a better head space with every passing year but it’s taken some work to get there. I truly want to live the brightest, shiniest life possible and I’m prepared to work for it.  Admitting mistakes, saying sorry to those you may have hurt and forgiving those who have hurt or neglected you. These will set you in good stead to make some powerful changes. And number one, love yourself and your life, for it is only then you can truly love others without prejudice or judgement.


Finally, FINALLY, I wish to continue to have adventures, always xxx.

I’d love to hear some of your dear readers! Feel free to share yours with me, and please feel free to tell me how shitty/lofty/ unrealistic mine are, haha.

Wishing you love and light and an abundance of great energy for 2013!

DS xo



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