I feel somewhat assured of the fact that I have experienced a few great loves in my life so far: my beautiful boyfriend and confidante, whom I adore; dark chocolate, which I could easily devour by the bucketful; pristine white lillies which remind me of being a little girl again; succulent, ruby red cherries which I covet as if they are gold…you know, dew drops on roses and whiskers on kittens kinda stuff…

When I first encountered “Gloria” by Cacharel as a twenty something gal, I knew it was that kinda love that just knocks you off your feet and takes your breath away and makes you feel giddy and golden and in some kinda heaven! Created in 2002 this oriental -woody fragrance is composed of hibiscus, Rosa Damascena, Malagasy white pepper, grey amber, vanilla, cedarwood, and an original note of Amaretto. Perfection.

Could I be more adoring of a fragrance? Would I ever meet another that comes close? At that point in time, cherishing its sweet, heady, intoxicating dew, I couldn’t bear to imagine.

I know it sounds trite to place so much importance on a perfume, but if it is truly possible to meet a soul mate in a bottle, I felt that I had. I still remember the first time I experienced its bewitching blend of oriental amber, sweet amaretto, vanilla and Bulgarian rose – I was hooked. I knew that this was THE ONE….I had found my signature scent.

Gloria spoke to me, it resonated within my soul.  It made me feel strong, sexy, coquettish, sensual, playful, seductive, feminine…all at once.  It delved to the very core of my being and made my spirit soar. Whenever I wore it I felt complete; ready to face whatever was waiting for me, with Gloria there with me for the ride.

Now that its been discontinued I am at a loss to know what to do without it. I don’t understand why they discontinued this amazing fragrance! It is ‘classified’ as a RARE scent… There are a few bottles on ebay but I’m not sure if I should risk buying it – I’m afraid it’s fake.  Every now and then I search online stores in the vain hope that I may find a secret stash of Gloria tucked away in someone’s private perfume coffers somewhere – knowing that if I were to every be in its possession again, oh how happy I would be.

Here’s a link to the original ad campaign from 2002.  Gotta love a brand that uses the music of the inimitable Patti Smith in their advertising. Pure love.



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