ICONICA : Alex Box

Whenever I get stuck in a creative rut or can’t see the vision for the trees, I have a coupla tactics.  One of them  is look to my idols.   I’m granted an immediate and powerful reminder of what I’m striving for, why I love what I do and what I hope to achieve out of it all.

Alex Box, Creative Director at cult brand Illamasqua, personifies everything I want be in a makeup artist: visionary, über creative, fashion-forward, fearlessly unique. She treads her own path and does so in a blazing fashion.  Alex has left her mark not only at Illamasqua but on Gareth Pugh’s runway, season after season, and in the pages of Italian Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar to name but a few.

She paints dark, unconventional, yet whimsical designs. Whenever I look at images of Alex’s work I am instantly drawn in to a fantasy world of colour, angles,  texture and transformation. My creative impulses start manicly firing on overdrive and all of a sudden, an idea will come.  Her sizeable talent and her immense creativity are that inspiring to me.

I could gush all over her work, but honestly, I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Alex Box for Stylist Magazine

from Vogue Italia August 2012
Makeup: Alex Box | Hair: Samantha Hillerby

“Be yourself even when all others around you might point out your differences. Be bold about your decision, whatever that individual form of expression takes, and be empowered by that personal step. Be safe in the knowledge that by your being fearless and believing in yourself, your defiant act will empower others to be more daring with their own looks. Freedom of expression is the greatest form of freedom—power of the self in its purist state.

—Alex Box, Illamasqua creative director



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