WARRIOR LESSONS: The love of comparison is the root of much misery

If you continue to judge your success or worth based on other people, especially those with a different background from you, you will undoubtedly, absolutely, be unhappy.

Always looking for a new idol or competitor, and constantly feel short-changed with your lot in life, is a fast-track to unhappiness.

I must admit: I am guilty of doing this from time to time, even though I KNOW with every fibre in my being not to! I have to actually pretty much physically slap myself to stop that train in its tracks before it crashes into me.

To illustrate my point in a completely outlandish fashion, if I were to wake every single day wishing that my life was like this guy:


I’d be pretty fucking unhappy right? As much as it would be nice, its hugely unrealistic, lofty and just plain stupid. Sure it would be nice to have that much talent, fame, style, mystique and legions of people who love you.  But, not gonna happen.

There is absolutely no point comparing what someone else has in their life, right now, to yours.

No good can come of this, ever.

Accept what you can’t change; change what you can’t accept. ‘Nuff said.


Let me know what you think in the comments below!

x DS


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