MUSIC: Grimes ‘Genesis’

I am sooo spellbound by this clip. I can never get enough.  I swear I have watched it about 1,000 times – surely I have been a highly influential factor in its near 6.5milion hits on youtube? Surely?

Genesis‘, lifted from Grimes’ album “Visions”, is a 5 and a half minute track, building from an oozing and lulling and melty intro before exploding into a china- town esque beat with a saccharine-sweet melody. With its wild imagery, outlandish props and cast of aggressive-looking characters, you could be excused for imagining you were trapped in a world of medicated-looking Mortal Kombat-esque dolls sword fighting in the desert, crawling around in the woods and strutting down the streets of L.A.

A bewitching strange brew of vision, directed by Grimes herself, the clip features white pythons, silver dancers, medieval weapons and a cacophony of beguiling, colourful characters.  Its a a visual feast of oddities; a perfect symbiosis of spellbinding music, hot girls and just general strangeness.

Grimes, AKA Claire Boucher, in-case-ya-didn’t-know is a Canadian electronic producer/director/ singing minstrel who manages to creates  awesome flows of sound with a pulsing backdrop of bass-heavy beats accompanied by mostly ethereal, whisper-slight mousey vocals.  She credits vocal layering for an out-of-this-world effect, with many of her songs featuring layers of over fifty different vocal tracks. Her music forms an eclectic mix of styles which she herself describes as “ADD music”.

So much LOVE this track, this clip, everything about it.  Hypnotic, strange, otherworldly, always leaving me with a  ‘peaceful cotton-candy glow’.




Grimes with Brooke Candy,  the metallic neon-pink muse in the center of it all, looking like a character from the very highest levels of a Sega Genesis role-playing game.

Boucher describes her as “a very contemporary muse”


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