BEAUTY WATCH: Rorschach-inspired makeup

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I’ve been eyeballing a recent trend for Rorschach- inspired prints lately…seems it’s everywhere I spy.  So many designers have been ricocheting their interpretations down the catwalk in all their symmetrical ink-blot glory, splattering the likes of dresses, tees, hats and accessories with inky creations. Its a big trend in DIY fashion/accessories right now and its a design that lends itself perfectly to DIY projects, as it is impossible to make two of a kind! Graphic prints of any ilk are always popular and the fascination with Rorschach-inspired prints has far-reaching appeal.

Montage courtesy

Image courtesy

In my travels I’ve been finding that the look seems to have spilled over into the world of makeup and beauty with a series of looks tipping a serious nod to the famous ink blot tests.  Forgoing papers and the traditional black and white colorway, makeup artists and designers are reinterpreting the classic Rorschach imagery on faces in vibrantly colorful cosmetics.

Yulia Gorbachenko ‘Rorschach Test’ Series

yulia gorbachenko rorschach test 4

Yulia Gorbachenko ‘Rorschach Test’ Series

I’m sure you’re well accquainted with these little marvels of psychological evaluation, popularised in many a film or television drama.  Invented by Hermann Rorschach in 1921, the evaluations aim to assess a person’s mental state through having them look at a series of symmetrical patterns of ink splotches.

Kristin Von Dietrich Makeup

Using a little more than ink and paper, the series seeks to evoke a response in its viewers with the goal of providing clues about cognition and personality variables such as motivations, response tendencies, cognitive operations, affectivity, and personal/interpersonal perceptions.

The underlying assumption of the Rorschach test is that an individual will class external stimuli based on person-specific perceptual sets, and including needs, base motives, conflicts, and that this clustering process is representative of the process used in real-life situations.


Spilling out of the doctor’s office and seeping across popular culture, these dramatic and bold designs are being seen in a number of editorials recently, bleeding over various cuts and fabrics as designers grasp this unique and bold design technique.

One reason it looks so good? The idea of symmetry and repetition.  Mirroring an image or creating a repeated pattern helps to make the image and scene more surreal.  Symmetry is a strong element of composition, lending a balance and peaceful energy (and abstract qualities) to the image.

© Au Coeur De Mage

© Au Coeur De Mage

What do you think? Cool? Farcicle? Thought-provoking? Or just plain absurd?

Would you give it a run?

I’d love to hear your interpretation. Hit me up and send me a comment!

Inkblot Nails DIY Rorschach Manicure tutorial by Love Maegan. Courtesy Outsapopp

Sachin + Babi inspired DIY Rorschach necklace tutorial by Honestly WTF…



MUSIC: Grimes ‘Genesis’

I am sooo spellbound by this clip. I can never get enough.  I swear I have watched it about 1,000 times – surely I have been a highly influential factor in its near 6.5milion hits on youtube? Surely?

Genesis‘, lifted from Grimes’ album “Visions”, is a 5 and a half minute track, building from an oozing and lulling and melty intro before exploding into a china- town esque beat with a saccharine-sweet melody. With its wild imagery, outlandish props and cast of aggressive-looking characters, you could be excused for imagining you were trapped in a world of medicated-looking Mortal Kombat-esque dolls sword fighting in the desert, crawling around in the woods and strutting down the streets of L.A.

A bewitching strange brew of vision, directed by Grimes herself, the clip features white pythons, silver dancers, medieval weapons and a cacophony of beguiling, colourful characters.  Its a a visual feast of oddities; a perfect symbiosis of spellbinding music, hot girls and just general strangeness.

Grimes, AKA Claire Boucher, in-case-ya-didn’t-know is a Canadian electronic producer/director/ singing minstrel who manages to creates  awesome flows of sound with a pulsing backdrop of bass-heavy beats accompanied by mostly ethereal, whisper-slight mousey vocals.  She credits vocal layering for an out-of-this-world effect, with many of her songs featuring layers of over fifty different vocal tracks. Her music forms an eclectic mix of styles which she herself describes as “ADD music”.

So much LOVE this track, this clip, everything about it.  Hypnotic, strange, otherworldly, always leaving me with a  ‘peaceful cotton-candy glow’.




Grimes with Brooke Candy,  the metallic neon-pink muse in the center of it all, looking like a character from the very highest levels of a Sega Genesis role-playing game.

Boucher describes her as “a very contemporary muse”

FASHION ON FILM: ‘She’s Lost Control’ by Shakespeare’s Sister feat Dita Von Teese for Agent Provocateur

Love this clip! It encapsulates a truly special phenomenon in popular culture when lots of awesome talent gets together, has a great big orgy in space and time, amazing synergies happen and the stars align just right……and HOCUS POCUS: amaze balls is born!

Shakespeare’s Sister cover a seminal Joy Division track, while the glorious Dita Von Teese struts about clad in Agent Provocateur with a variety of BDSM goodies. All the while dominating a George W Bush doppelgänger and giving him and all he stands for, what for.

Love it! Magic. Bam!

Can it get any better? Right now, not likely.

MUSINGS: A serenade in the key of plan B

For a while now I’ve been wanting to scale back my working week and reassess my work / life balance, in order to pursue further education and get actually PROPERLY qualified, as well as generally having more time to achieve some goals, build my brand/ business and concentrate on the awesome…the bigger picture stuff.

A program of voluntary departures were announced last month at work, and a light exploded. I felt like I’d woken from a long coma.  When I searched the sky for the truth every whisper on every breeze said to DO IT!  The time was right, I struck while the proverbial iron was scorching and threw all caution to the wind.

I’d been craving the chance to force myself outside of my box of comfort for a long time. Everyone needs to feel liberated with choices and options.  Being able to take a couple of months ‘off’ from work in order to explore and build my business would have been a dream come true and I couldn’t think of any other way forward.  I need to really spend some quality time honing all my ideas and developing them to a much fuller extent than what I currently can, and this was THE opportunity to do that.

The premise for all this wishing for a quick, sleek vehicle to whisk me away to a state of change is simple.  I’ve been fooling myself for so long that things at work will improve. The last six months has pretty much been defined by soggy promises which will never be fulfilled, in the form of a couple of opportunities that have been dangled in front of my face like a flaccid carrot since June.  I’ve been hanging by a very thin thread, in a state of flux; waiting for something to happen. Rut city.

After months of anguish and an aching back from all the LIMBO, I’ve begun to realise that these opportunities seemingly aren’t meant to be. They had gone awry for some predetermined reason, surely, and greater things were coming for me.  Like brightly lit beacons, they screamed to me that I didn’t belong here.

What I was chasing-  greater security, greater responsibility, career development, better money – I didn’t actually NEED.  What I DID need, and still do, was bigger picture stuff- to be free, challenged, untethered. To put myself in a position where I’m forced to make things happen with no safety net and no excuses.  A redundancy was to be my one chance to rip off the bandaid and explore opportunities for a couple of months, unfettered.

So the last month or so has been filled with a strong longing that the stars would align just as they are supposed to…the universe would hear the song that my heart has been humming and I would be granted the chance to giantly leap outside of my comfort zone.

Well….it wasn’t meant to be this time.  I got the ‘official’ letter advising I was unsuccessful. . . . .dang!  Emotionally, mentally, spiritually, I really wanted this to happen; and I let the notion roll around in my mind languidly, relishing the idea a little too much.

Luckily,  some internal mental safety mechanism went off and quickly balanced these thoughts with a hefty dose of logic. I realised it just couldn’t really happen.  I would have to be served a very generous portion of o’fortuna.  I hadn’t been in my position anywhere near long enough, the program was oversubscribed, and there were obviously a long line of staff in front of me who had been waiting for this day – for a LOT longer than I had.

Whilst I tried to remain as positive and optimistic as possible, I was cautious not to let my expectations climb so loftily damned high so as to leave me shattered by a decision in the negative.

I remain hopeful that I know what I need to do and I know what it will take to get me there.  I just now have to do it in a different way.  And I will.

While I may not be able to return to study full time I will be exploring other options that will allow me to get to where I want to go in a roundabout kind of way. One door closes, another opens, sorta thing. It wasn’t meant to be as easy as I had dreamed, nothing ever is.

This is just a minor setback, and I will get over it, with a vengeance.  I’m slowly getting more and more opportunities in my personal and creative life to be involved in many exciting things, so that keeps me going strong. And I know things are going to get even more exciting, even if I do have to juggle things around a full time work schedule.

The see-saw of life WILL  swing upward again; those two old primordial opposing and complementary forces of yin and yang are ever-alternating, producing the various cycles of rise and fall of fortune and of freedom of expression and activities.

Let’s hope for an up-swing soon that can last long enough to launch me off into the cosmos where I can fly free!

Love, chaos and universal momentum

x DS