BEAUTY BEAT: Face Lace by Phyllis Cohen

When it comes to beauty and facial adornment the possibilities are endless, as Phyllis Cohen proves through her latest beauty collection, ‘Face Lace’.

With a penchant for intricate and complex designs, Phyllis has been fortunate enough to work as a make-up artist to the upper echelon of the arts and entertainment worlds; from David Bowie to Daphne Guinness, and on hundreds of editorials for magazines ranging from Vogue to Dazed and Confused.

Face Lace is intended to look like intricately applied makeup but is actually created using a fabric-like skin-adherent; non-fade, non-smudge designs instantly give your look a more edgy, artistic style that is bound to catch the eye.  The hypoallergenic adhesive backing makes them easy to apply and they are re-usable.

Phyllis began her career as an illustrator and gained an MA in Fine Art.  These sophisticated appliqués are an extension of the work that can be dated back to the ’80s when bold styles began to dominate the fashion scene.   The unique motifs she has created to adorn the face reflect her distinctive visual vocabulary, inspired by a diverse range of influences such as Op Art, French lace, mehndi, ironwork and calligraphic flourishes.

The creations look more like face tattoos or masks and vary in size as well as style, so you can find the perfect style to match your unique look and facial structure.  

The collection features about 15 intricately detailed makeup appliqués, from bold, fussy eye details to sophisticated face masks.

The range of “Laces” includes ornate masks that simply adhere to the skin, “Eye Laces” that flatter the eye with graceful lines or elaborate silhouettes, “Mehndoodles” which can be placed wherever you choose, and the “Playsheets” of small patterns, allowing you easily to invent your own Face Lace designs.

Phyllis has experimented to produce extravagant make-up effects as effortlessly as possible over the last two decades. Face Lace is the ultimate achievement of this quest, transposing her artistic views of fashion-forward beauty items into the one-of-a-kind range.

Face Lace designs are created for the adventurous at heart; those not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to appearance and style.

What do you think? Are you all for flourishing your face with intricate lace like designs? I can totally see these working for a couple of photo shoots I have in mind. However I’m also inspired to use them as a source of inspiration for some hand drawn designs- which would take much longer, but would assure a totally unique result. Call me weird,  I find intricate work = zen-like.

Still, there’s no denying that the gorgeous and bold motifs in the Face Lace range would add a whole lotta bang to your look any time you want a bold, dramatic (smudge proof!)  result, pronto.


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