Bjork is someone who’s been kinda off my radar for some time, but I will always have a strange, intoxicating fascination with that crazy Icelandic babe.  This IMHO is one of her best videos to date, and I know that’s quite the call given this pixie is known for her highly artistic visions on all of her visual endeavours.  And of course this little gem is created by one of my artistic heroes, Michel Gondry (sigh..let’s pause on his genius for a moment).

What I love about this video and the background behind it is that while it featured very prominently on the Tank Girl soundtrack, Bjork and her fellow gang of minstrels refused to use any footage from the film in the actual clip. Highly unusual and controversial at the time, as most songs that featured on a soundtrack were more often than not a pieced together, shoddily produced, montage of film segments that bear no relevance to the actual song, interspersed with stock footage of the band/ artist. And perhaps some random animations / flowers for effect.

Returning to this masterpiece of visual goodness however! It comes across all darkly stylized;  mechanical, menacing and Geiger-like… so tasty.

It’s hard to believe this clip is what..16 years old now? Seems like only yesterday when I first saw it, sitting up past midnight, ogling the box with my bestie on a Friday night, waiting patiently for all the latest and greatest new music vids from Raaaaaaaaage to START!

Our 16-year old selves were just like excited puppies getting their first chew toys. We sunk our teeth into whatever Rage fed us; back then in the glorious, blooming 90s I recall there was quite the plethora of quality programming matched by new emerging and engaging artists who challenged conventional formatting, and embraced growing technologies in order to produce some out-of-this-world visual goodness. Video clips became more arty, more abstract, more slick, more animated and more and more digital.

The future was here and Bjork was driving a big monster fucking army truck straight through it.  Sounds fair enough to me.


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