BEHIND THE WHEEL: Deep In the Woods shoot August 2012

“Love is for fools and all fools are lovers
It’s raining on my house and none of the others
Love is for fools and God knows I’m still one
The sidewalks are full of love’s lonely children”

– Nick Cave

So my sis and I dressed up on a rainy gloomy day a few weekends ago…buried ourselves in witchy jewels and robed ourselves in layers of lace and feathers and black and magic. And on this dark dreary day summoned the spirits so dark…tested the camera lenses and stared into the branches thick with secrets and petulance. Dared the rain to come in harder. And the rain, it did. So we retreated indoors with skulls and midget paper cranes. Tested lenses some more and piled on more layers. Rimmed eyes with kohl black as crow’s feet. Said a chant for summer days and drank the wine so red. ‘Twas fun. Dark gypsy bohemian style fun. Here are some test shots…….

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