WARRIOR LESSONS: Kicking the Crap Out Of Adversity….Part Two: The Power of Music, Mantras and Making Notes

In my first post on this topic I started to introduce a small but potent arsenal of tactics that can help us flip the bird at adversity when it strikes, and stop negative emotions in their tracks.

Over the next few posts I’ll be sharing a couple more strategies that can assist when put into action, and put you back on track to living the biggest, boldest life possible.  Amen to that!

The Power of Music, Mantras and Making Notes….


As the saying goes “Musick has Charms to sooth a savage Breast, To soften Rocks, or bend a knotted Oak.” (Congreve, 1697).

As I have mentioned in an earlier post  my adoration for music is what keeps me breathing through the good and the bad. It’s such a powerful medium of expression that overflows into everything I do, and I could not live without it.  Listening to music, playing an instrument, writing music…..it all hits that sweet spot in its own special way.

There’s no doubt that when feeling blue, music has the ability to calm, soothe, and light us up.   I once read some wise words……that you shouldn’t listen to morose or melancholic music when you’re feeling sad. Makes sense really although at the time I was doing the opposite. Reveling in sadness and allowing it to take me over.  Letting myself wallow in the misery of breakups and things gone bad, that would pretty much be my script.  Listening to the saddest, most heartbroken tunes in my collection, drowning my sorrows and emotionally purging and torturing myself with ‘what ifs’ and ‘why me’s?’.

You ever done that?

Now I choose not to travel down that path and make a conscious choice that whenever I am in a vulnerable mindset to only listen to tunes that make me happy for whatever reason. This means staying away from the Buckleys, Winehouse and the Smiths.  No ‘Adagio for Strings’ or Brahms ‘Requiem’ or Bach.  No Radiohead. No Billie Holiday or Nina Simone or any other broken-hearted soul. Not while fragile, no – silly idea.

Happy places for me are songs that evoke great memories, songs that are a cheesy remnant from my youth, or songs that my parents used to play while I was growing up, when times were free and easy. Yep, that would mean lots of 70s contemporary, Creedence, Springsteen, Dylan, Elton John and a feats of others. 80s one hit wonders, hair metal, and synth pop. Lotsa bad 90s.  Instant cures for me.

Whatever it is for you – whatever makes your frown turn upside down – hold onto that bunch of songs or that one artist or group that makes you feel bouncy and alive. Who gives a shit if no-one else likes it or its considered passé. If it makes you smile through your tears, if it melts your anger into calm blue ocean, if it turns your frustration to hope, you need more of it in your life! Playlist it in all your media players, wake up to it in the morning, make sure it never leaves your memory or your life. I have several ‘super happy fun time’ playlists in my iTunes. Some of them are for specific times- I have one for the mornings, when I need really energetic, uplifting stuff to get me awake and motivated. Some are for days when I want to get transported to that ‘I feel so happy and inspired and ready to burst’ zone.  Whatever gets you going, whatever makes you grin and think ‘life ain’t too bad….It’s actually pretty sweet’.  That’s where it’s at.

Its been researched and documented that music seems to tap into the circuitry in the brain that has evolved to drive human motivation – any time we do something our brains want us to do again, dopamine is released into these circuits.  So fuel your dopamine naturally, turn off that toxic television and crank those tunes, pick up that guitar or smash the hell out of a drum kit.  There’s a reason why soooo many people find music healing and a massive emotional release.  Music will open your mind and help shift your perspective on whatever burning issues are worrying you.  Not to mention fire up your memory centre, which when triggered can bring a lovely sensory rush of happy times cascading back to you. And that’s a great thing.


Making notes: Journalling , gratitude lists

“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.”

Ahhhh writing, such a healing act! All throughout my life I’ve had a special kinship with putting ink to paper, or fingers to keys, and letting a wave of thoughts and desires rush forth from my synapses.

Journalling, documenting our lives, making observations or just plain stream-of-consciousness jotting have been going on for a long time for a very good reason:  writing helps us discover who we are.

It may sound twee but writing a daily gratitude list every morning can be an good way to kick start (or reflect on) your day. It’s such a simple thing to do but actually going though the motions of committing something to paper can really solidify all the things you are feeling happy about. It really helps to drown out the ‘noise’ of everyday life- the little things that get bigger, and get to us, if we let them.

Try writing 5 things you’re thankful for or things that made you happy today. It’s a small change, but it helps to put things in perspective and makes you humble and grateful for the things you do have (rather than those you don’t) and process your emotions better.

I really can’t speak highly enough of the healing powers of putting pen to paper.  Give it a try if you haven’t yet.   Write a list of people you dig in your life- and why.  Write a list of places you must travel to.  Or things you’ve just really gotta do in your life, no matter what the financial/ time/ other constraints may be. Set them free. Write a note to your future self discussing a couple of things that are GREAT right now. You’re the youngest you’ll ever be. You might as well document it!

Lesson here: pick up a pen and go with the flow; tune into the magic of rhythm and melody and harmony and sine waves. Pull out those old dusty records and let them see the light of day again. Go to a live show at your local and support some local musos. Get lost in music and let your worries flow onto paper.

Sing, dance, explore, write it out! See where it takes you…..

Please feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to share any of your own insights – I’d relish your feedback.



WARRIOR LESSONS: Kicking the Crap Out Of Adversity….Part Three: How to be positive when the world keeps harshing your buzz!

Welcome to the third instalment of my guide to the most excellent weaponry to have in your arsenal when life tries to fly kick you to the ground- that bastard!

I’d like to think that armed with these little strategies and mental skills you can stare life’s obstacles straight in the eye and be a freakin’ force to be reckoned with!

It’s all about being better equipped to deal with a disaster, conundrum or setback.



I’ve never been a fan of the mumbo-jumbo self-help dogma that was forced down our throats in droves back in the nineties.  Remember that plethora of self-help propaganda that seemed to cavalcade us at every angle? It’s not that I didn’t believe in ways of self-improvement.  During my twenties I just didn’t want to subscribe to the notion that some book with Mars or Venus in the title was going to solve mine or the world’s problems. Nor did I think that some Anthony Robbins-esque character in a power suit and microphone was going to swoop down, shouting out self-improvement mantras like a hardcore gospel preacher, rescuing me from my riddles and questions. Nope. Still don’t.


Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a complete cynic, and I’m all up for self reflection and the path of continual self-improvement.   However I am conscious of the fact that ‘movements’, trends, books, catchphrases and fads come and go; at the core of any kind of self-improvement is being honest with oneself and taking steps to change your mindset to a better and stronger one. Self-help in the guise of a pile of books, expensive seminars, magnets and merchandise just ain’t my bag, baby.

However, on my path of finding what works for ME, I’ve come to embrace the power of positive self talk in the form of affirmations and visualisation as a very easy and effective way of keeping focussed on my personal goals, and boosting my confidence and ability to achieve them. They’re a good bow to have in the arsenal of weaponry.  And great if you’re particularly prone to sometimes forgetting how awesome you are.  You need little cues to remind yourself – in the hope it will sink in!


Image credit: Carsten Witte


Here’s how they work (or don’t!)

Words or phrases that we say repeatedly to AFFIRM a single thought or idea are the foundation of the way we are programmed throughout our lifetime. What we say ourselves, about ourselves, over and over can soon become BELIEFS- and then we begin to form the idea that this belief is our reality. When we say and think negative things to ourselves we form strong fears of poverty, health, weight and relationships. The emotions connected with these beliefs can even become our comfort zone, no matter how negative they might be.


We can choose to negatively talk or positively praise ourselves. It stands to reason that if most of our self talk is positive, we will act in a positive manner.

When we make POSITIVE affirmations we are making causative intentions to resolve to change our behaviour for the better, to make a new start, to accomplish a goal, or to believe in oneself. Focused affirmations are a great way to start your new tomorrows. When you feel tension, stress, or any type of anxiety, an affirmation which makes you feel good is where you need to go. One of my faves? Shouting to the universe ‘throw me a rope, I will climb it!’


For the affirmations to work you must not only say something which makes you feel better, you have to FEEL the words. Visualise yourself in a happy scenario, doing, living or being your desire. See it, feel it, even taste it! The more emotion you have the faster you will draw it to you.

If you say an affirmation when you are feeling really down, and you don’t think it’s doing anything for you, just keep on. Every time you say something positive you will bit by bit feel better. A little bit of feeling better is better than lots of feeling depressed.


But let’s step it up a notch. Positive SELF talk.

What makes you YOU? Whatever it is, I’m sure its pretty damn special. And you need to tell yourself this every day. Being perfect is boring. It’s a yawn, a snore; tedious & freakin’ tepid. It lacks imagination. Being unique, individual, developing and having character; so much more interesting.


Body issues and hating parts of yourself that make you who you are, they’re just such a waste of time and are so limiting to your potential. The pursuit of perfection is such a yawnfest & time-sucker. It’s totally not worth it!


Realistically, there is nothing you can do that will change the length of your legs or the roundness of your ass or those cute little freckles you so despise. Your genes honey, have pretty much set the blueprint up before you even popped from the womb. The one thing you DO have the power to change is your MIND! You can decide to change your perspective about how you view yourself and that is the most fantastic thing!


Remember, just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean others don’t too. Your perceived ‘flaws’ can become assets. They are something different & wonderful. They separate you from other people and make you unique.  It’s important that, while you know recognize these flaws and ‘faults’ and where there is room to improve, you keep them to yourself!

Flaunt all of your positive qualities because that’s what’s going to get keep your positive momentum speeding along.  You need to remind yourself this every day.


You are going to see yourself differently. Don’t scrutinise. Step back from the mirror. Be kinder to yourself.  Why be your critic when you can be your best publicist?

If you catch yourself using negative self-talk, stop and rephrase. Eliminate the negative words. Focus instead on the best course you can take and do it.


Remember there is nobody else like you. Embrace that fact, fiercely.

“You, who make angels stutter and mystics moan – congratulations for being here so well. It’s not an easy gig, this thing called life. In fact, it’s quite the ass-kicking experience. But oh, how you’re living brilliantly anyway. Even when you think you’ve failed, the Universe stands in awe of you. Even when you forget who you are, blades of grass long to rub up against you. Even when you hide your gifts, the air aches to breathe you. In. Thank you for existing so perfectly.” (Sera Beak)

“You can explore the universe looking for somebody who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and you will not find that person anywhere.” -Buddha



Hoping that these power tools of positive self talk and positive affirmations can more than help speed you along to your chosen goals!

Yours in strength + power

x DS

WARRIOR LESSONS: Kicking the Crap Out Of Adversity…Part One: Ways to knock negativity out of the ball park

I’m often thinking up different tactics and strategies to overcome those moments of sadness, loneliness, doubt and frustration, that left unchecked, can turn a bad day into a string of black days….and before you know it you’re spiralling into the depths of darkness where you really do not want to tread.

I work pretty hard to sustain a positive outlook on life and invest my energies into new and exciting things that keep me engaged, inspired, and generally feeling excited and amped to be alive.

Sometimes though, I have my moments, as a lot of us do, where we just feel baffled and stunned by one of life’s little right hooks. We feel despair & desperation. Hopelessness. Apathy.  We get overcome with feelings of procrastination, feeling unmotivated, being stuck.  This is a commonality in the human condition, and the solution is elusive, never standing still and not wanting to be easily caught.  We don’t know what to do next. No matter how prepared we think we are for setbacks sometimes these blows come out of the blue and catch us off guard,  even when we think we aren’t particularly vulnerable.


Having battled through some rather big, traumatic events in my 20s that left me wounded, raw, emotionally stripped, and not knowing myself, I’ve done a heck of a lot of soul searching, writing, journalling, talking, reading, thinking, strategising….just plain everything I could in order to set my self up to be a fierce force to be reckoned with, and ready to bounce back from anything. It took a long time, but I’m getting to that point.

That’s not to say I’m immune from hurt, insecurities, feeling “stuck”- far from it. I still have my moments when I get snowed in by life and have to fight hard not to be buried alive!  These days it’s mostly brought about by some difficult and testing hormonal issues which I am battling to rectify, and am determined to overcome (but we won’t go there, I’ll be fine dames n dudes!)

I’m working to a point now where I can see the red flags, and can sense when I’m particularly sensitive or easily bruised. At these times I try to stop, take a breath and shield myself as much as possible from the little triggers that can set me off.  Lifestyle triggers such as alcohol, eating foods that my body doesn’t dig, not exercising or sleeping enough, and generally not taking care of my self can all exacerbate emotions and hormones, so I try my best to retain a sense of balance and harmony and really look after myself physically as well as emotionally.


And of course it is ULTRA helpful (and I’m very lucky) to have a hugely supportive, caring and understanding partner who can see me through the tears and the fits of frustration, the mood swings and the periods where I want to give it all up and run away to the circus.  Yep, that happens. Just today, he turned my morning completely on its head (mornings are never my best times). Sensing I was not my usual self, he held out a fist and told me he had a ball of positivity in there for us to share.  He told me the more we hold tight to it and share it between ourselves the more it would grow and spread.  I took that freakin’ positivity and I ran a metaphorical marathon with it today!

Little (but important) things like that can really, really act as a panacea.


Armed with an arsenal of tactics and action plans, a great family, and a massively wonderful soul mate by my side to support me, I feel I’m MUCH more equipped to flip the bird at adversity when it strikes, kicking the shit out of bad patches and turning them into something positive in the process. I know it takes more than pithy quotations on Twitter and a good sleep cycle, and nothing comes easy or cheap, but being unhappy is a lot less desirable.


Over the next few days I’ll be sharing with you just some of the things that help me through, and put me back on track to living the biggest, boldest life possible!

As a precursor to all this- these are of course but a few teeny solutions to help you form an overall plan to get out of that slump. Of course if you feel you are seriously, morbidly, can’t-get-out-of-bed depressed/ melancholic, and have no zest for life whatsoever, I would urge you to please seek professional help.  See a doctor, counsellor, therapist, or naturopath to get a psychological and physiological assessment, as you perhaps need a stronger form of intervention than some simple tips from me.  There are also many helplines you can contact if things have reached crisis mode. Beyond Blue (an Australian initiative) is one of them and I would urge you to visit their website or give them a call if you are feeling way past the point of relief.  Their number (in Australia) is 1300 22 4636.

So, with that aside, let’s kick things off with life strategy NUMBER ONE.

Look after oneself.

Numero uno. Top of the pile. If you don’t get this right, and don’t prioritise this, you WILL derail.

Whether its treating yourself to a monthly massage, splurging on some new shoes or a dress that make you feel a million bucks, doing yoga while the sun rises, getting a super indulgent facial, taking a bath, or having a reaaaalllllly long sleep in if that’s what your heart desires…..Do it! Succumb. Treat your body like the temple it is, and you, its awesome ruler.  No, its not a machine. It can’t just keep going and going and running on empty with some minor maintenance and a lot of neglect, like your first ride probably did.


Spoil yourself, stop filling your body with junk and chemicals, be kind, and listen to your body.  It WILL tell you when it needs rest. It WILL tell you when its not functioning right.  Listen to it.

There will be lots and lots of future blog posts on this point, expanding on the whole mind-body connection, the physical manifestations of unhappiness and stress, and discussing ways to supercharge your body to get it firing on all cylinders!

If you’re NOT revving at your full potential, its time to start looking at a few things that can be tweaked.  Diet, activity, sleep, environment and lifestyle are all hugely important factors obviously. I’m no doctor, but I can tell you if something is out of sync, the effects will have an impact on your mental and emotional health; perhaps not straight away, but slowly over time.  Things will start to break down.  Metabolism, hormones, energy levels, glands, digestion, respiration, sexuality, allergies – all have a tendency to go off-kilter if the balance in your body is not quite right. And then comes lethargy, fatigue, depression, weight problems and the whole cycle of break down. You don’t want that.


Sickness, stress and an overloaded lifestyle can all take their toll, so take the time to look after yourself, listen to the cues, and learn. Take whatever time out you need, heal yourself and make yourself feel loved….whatever it takes! You deserve it.

Your body is the only one you have. Please look after it and treat yourself like the divine person you are!


Stay tuned for part two:  The Power of Music, Mantras and Makin’ Notes.  And PLEASE feel free to leave a comment with any feedback or any awesome tactics in your arsenal – I’d love to hear from you!

Love and awesomeness

x DS

BEHIND THE WHEEL: Deep In the Woods shoot August 2012

“Love is for fools and all fools are lovers
It’s raining on my house and none of the others
Love is for fools and God knows I’m still one
The sidewalks are full of love’s lonely children”

– Nick Cave

So my sis and I dressed up on a rainy gloomy day a few weekends ago…buried ourselves in witchy jewels and robed ourselves in layers of lace and feathers and black and magic. And on this dark dreary day summoned the spirits so dark…tested the camera lenses and stared into the branches thick with secrets and petulance. Dared the rain to come in harder. And the rain, it did. So we retreated indoors with skulls and midget paper cranes. Tested lenses some more and piled on more layers. Rimmed eyes with kohl black as crow’s feet. Said a chant for summer days and drank the wine so red. ‘Twas fun. Dark gypsy bohemian style fun. Here are some test shots…….

IDOL FRIDAY: Rebel Rebel

Ever since the David Bowie star exploded into the world of rock music, fans and critics have been captivated by his unique presence, unpredictabilty of style, and confrontational lifestyle. David Bowie as a textual site is fascinating. Throughout the span of his career he has strived to thrill, shock, and cause a commotion in the rigid world of rock and roll. He has done this through a cleverly executed combination of appearance, image and musical scope. In all three areas he has excelled in experimenting with his identity and testing the boundaries of his surrounding culture. Bowie’s appearance has always been the focal point of his reincarnations and revivals.

David Bowie had more personas in the 70s than a Multiple Personality Disorder patient. Ziggy Stardust, Halloween Jack, The Thin White Duke, they all influenced his music and his actions.  In 1971, on the cover of his second album, Diamond dogs, David was seen casually draped on a lounge, his long blond hair flowing over the shoulders of the dress he was wearing. The controversy that surrounded this bold move was about to magnify, when, in 1972, Bowie’s most famous persona was born, Ziggy Stardust.

Ziggy played guitar, jamming good with weird and gilly, and the Spiders from Mars.  He was an alien human hybrid who came down to earth during the end times to act as its saviour through Rock and Roll, and ended up being consumed by his drug and sex habits and by his rabid fans.  So basically, he was a rock and roll alien/God, who was consumed by the turmoil of Rock and Roll. Ziggy Stardust wrote songs in which he claimed to be an alligator, a space invader, and a rock n’ rollin’ bitch who wanted his fans to shoot him in the face with rayguns.

The birth of Ziggy was the result of a long process for Bowie, the culmination of everything that he found fascinating about rock and roll, and a further extension of futuristic styles he had begun to explore, via ‘Space Oddity’. His short, red, spiky hair, reed thin body, skilfully applied make-up and frocks that would rival the most extensive drag queen’s wardrobe, were a signifier of sexual liberation, baby.

“Here came Ziggy Stardust. In a silver lurex catsuit, skin-tight and bulging below, and artfully padded above….the shimmering garment ended at the cheeks in outsize earrings that looked like diamonds…his distinctive hair, cropped short at the crown but caressing his shoulders, was vivid red….he flounced on stage, shook his hips, and counted out time with his knee- length red plastic boots. The ad hoc style brought gasps as loud as the percussive assault of the music”

Bowie’s sexually liberated demeanour helped to shape a generation who were more open-minded towards sexuality and the roles of women and men within society. His camp, androgynous appearance and outrageous antics, on and off stage, earned him the tag ‘decadent’, and gave rise to the genre, glam rock. The fashion was high glamour; the objective was to shock and induce fascination in the spectacle. His influence was rife, an explosion colour and quiffed hair, and almost instant. To anyone vaguely frustrated, or looking for a way to transform themselves, he was a godsend. New styles began to emerge, drawing entirely from the Ziggy character, that made their victims look like “brightly painted tapeworms”.

Aladdin Sane, his next album (after Ziggy stardust) is less unified, more groping and confused . Here Bowie tries to play himself, the insane lad who brings a vision to the world. On the cover we see Bowie with lightning streaking across his thin face, eyes closed over his paralysed pupil. In Aladdin Sane, he is searching again for a new self, a new mythology, and a new sound….

Although Ziggy and Aladdin Sane-era Bowie catapulted him into the high realms of an international star, he wasn’t content to continue to churn out glitter rock.  By the mid-’70s, after recording the all-covers Pin-Ups with the Spiders from Mars, he unexpectedly announced the band’s breakup, as well as his retirement from live performances, during the group’s final show that year. He retreated from the spotlight to work on a musical adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984, but once he was denied the rights to the novel, he transformed the work into Diamond Dogs. The album generated the hit single “Rebel Rebel,” and he supported the album with an elaborate and expensive American tour.

As the tour progressed, Bowie became fascinated with soul music, and he began to develop an effete, sophisticated version of Philly soul that he dubbed “plastic soul,”  eventually redesigning the entire show to reflect his new sound.  Bowie refashioned his group into a Philly soul band and recostumed himself in sophisticated, stylish fashions.

Young Americans, released in 1975, was the culmination of Bowie’s soul obsession, and it became his first major crossover hit, peaking in the American Top Ten and generating his first U.S. number one hit in “Fame,” a song he co-wrote with John Lennon and Alomar.  Bowie relocated to Los Angeles, where he earned his first movie role in Nicolas Roeg’s The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976). While in L.A., he recorded the eerie avant-pop record, 1976’s Station to Station, which took the plastic soul of Young Americans into darker, avant-garde-tinged directions. The album inaugurated Bowie’s persona of the elegant “Thin White Duke,” a soulless, insane, authoritarian, amoral aristocrat who sang romantic songs with a hollow, cold heart. He was fueled by “red peppers, cocaine, and milk”. During interviews he said that “Britain could benefit from an authoritarian leader” and was once stopped at the Russian-Polish border for possessing Nazi paraphernalia. He was increasingly paranoid, and dangerous as hell, a result of a cocaine-fueled downward spiral.

Soon, he decided Los Angeles was too boring and returned to England; shortly after arriving back in London, he gave the awaiting crowd a Nazi salute, a signal of his growing, drug-addled detachment from reality. The incident caused enormous controversy, and Bowie left the country to settle in Berlin, where he lived and worked with Brian Eno. Here he sobered up and began painting, as well as studying art. With Eno he recorded three experimental electronic albums, one of which, Low (1977) was a startling mixture of electronics, pop, and avant-garde technique.

Its follow-up, Heroes, which followed that year, proved to be one of the most influential albums of the late ’70s.  Bowie returned to the stage in 1978, launching an international tour that was captured on the double-album Stage. During 1979, Bowie and Eno recorded Lodger in New York, Switzerland, and Berlin, releasing the album at the end of the year.

Lodger was supported with several innovative videos, as was 1980’s Scary Monsters, and these videos — “DJ,” “Fashion,” “Ashes to Ashes” — became staples on early MTV. At the dawn of the ’80s, his many incarnations, hairstyles and fashions were proving imperative in creating the excitement and vivacity of the styles that predominated the new Romantic look.

Bowie was still at the height of his powers, and released dance-pop album Let’s Dance in 1983, where he went all-American pop with bleached blond hair and lots of pastels. He recruited Chic guitarist Nile Rodgers to produce the album, giving the record a sleek, funky foundation, and hired the unknown Stevie Ray Vaughan as lead guitarist. Let’s Dance became his most successful record, thanks to stylish, innovative videos for “Let’s Dance” and “China Girl,” which turned both songs into Top Ten hits.

He decided to replicate Let’s Dance with 1984’s Tonight, producing the Top Ten hit “Blue Jean,” but ultimately proving a commercial disappointment.  He stalled in 1985, recording a duet of Martha & the Vandellas’ “Dancing in the Street” with Mick Jagger for Live Aid.  Bowie returned to recording in 1987 with the widely panned Never Let Me Down, supporting the album with the Glass Spider tour, which also received mixed reviews. In 1989, he remastered his RCA catalog with Rykodisc for CD release, kicking off the series with the three-disc box Sound + Vision. Bowie supported the discs with an accompanying tour of the same name, claming that he was retiring all of his older characters from performance following the tour. Sound + Vision was successful, and Ziggy Stardust re-charted amidst the hoopla.

Bowie’s music, and his constant reinvention, has spawned many new musical movements that possibly would not exist without his helping hand- each one of his phases in the ’70s sparked a number of subgenres, including punk, new wave, goth rock, the new romantics, and electronica.  His far-reaching and influential body of work explores concepts of alienation, wisdom through distancing oneself from the mundane routine of industrialised society, and have celebrated glamour and excess in a repressive society.

Mr. Bowie was a pioneer. He rose during an age of rock where The Beatles were beginning to crumble, and the dominant forces at work were The Rolling Stones, disco, and eventually other soulful renditions of rock n’ roll. Bowie jumped head-first into the sexpot and brought taboo out as a weapon. He created a cult of both devout listeners and personality with each new rendition of himself. In addition, he detached himself from each persona; Bowie was separate from Ziggy was separate from Duke from Jack. Like a metamorphosing butterfly that kept on gaining new bodies and wings, Bowie continually refreshed pop AND rock as we know it today.

All hail BOWIE, our space lord, cosmic king, chameleon sex god!