MUSINGS: Real Life Dolls

Following on from a recent blog post on dolls as a muse and the mystical, secretive quality of them in art and beyond,  I felt that the subject warranted some more thought.

I got to pondering the full spectrum of dolls in art and beauty: from being inspired by them, to transforming and dressing up as a character vs. wanting to become a REAL LIFE one, by any means possible.

As with most of my fantasy and character makeup looks, it’s all about the transformation and the process. Making myself, or a model, look quite a lot different, intrigues me and fascinates me, yet I would never yearn for that to be permanent. There’s a very fine line between wanting to play the part and wanting to LIVE it.


On the one hand, dressing up and exploring and pretending to be someone you’re not, indulging and immersing yourself in the process, is a whole lot of fun – like an actor playing a role. The makeup, styling and outfits are an extension of this and serve to enhance one’s natural features whilst bringing a whole other dimension to the personality.



At the other end of the spectrum, the beauty industry and it massive, shifting paradigms, heaving stigmas and uncompromising rules; an unfair beast with ever-changing goal posts that has many facets; and a very dark side. One cannot help but feel incredibly sorry for those girls (and boys) who yearn to look like something completely beyond human, on a permanent basis.


Those who resort to surgery and fakery do so to change and morph and maim the way they look, in order to fulfill some idealised standard of beauty that is not humanly attainable. Not to mention those poor little ‘show children’ who are forced to don elaborate costumes and hair and makeup and perform like show ponies for their parents in the beauty pageant world. This is where the line between fantasy and reality is skewed; where one does not use the experience as just a bit of fun and magic, but instead turns their life purpose to a tainted, twisted quest for physical perfection.


There’s little doubt that some of the more plastic celebrities and OTT viral video stars of today, like Heidi Montag, KotaKoti, Venus Palermo and their ilk, are very much influenced by a doll-like look in their quest to look beyond human. From the wispy, Barbie-like waists and the liposuctioned hips, thighs and asses;  the sculpted noses, stretched eyelids and large-pupilled contact lenses; the manes of flaxen fake hair and the cheek implants, collagen lips, sculpted and moulded chins and parasite-infused foreheads; there is definitely some high level doll-worship that has infused itself into modern notions of beauty.



Some move much further beyond the realm of pure cosplay and into territory that is frightening and dangerous; using surgery to permanently change their features in order to achieve some unattainable notion of beauty and perfection. It breaks my heart to think that some people cannot bear the sight of themselves that much, that they resort to such drastic measures.



Anyway, rant over until next time!  What do you think about girls (and boys) resorting to surgery in a quest to look otherworldly, doll-like or otherwise – and where do we draw the line between cosplay, fantasy, art, and purely freakish, warped notions of glamour?

Feel free to leave your comments/ feedback!

ALSO, don’t forget to check out the doll-like makeup shoot I did over here, and let me know what you think!




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