BEAUTY BEAT: Woven Hair at 2012 Hair Expo Australia



This inspired, most awesome ‘do was featured at Hair Expo Australia, at the Sydney Convention Centre June 2012.

I love the spiralled braids at the side and that giant woven structured mohawk descending over the top. Fricken fabulous.  Massive props to the genius hair stylist!

Oh, and while I’m at it, the MUA also deserves some major credit- those eyes are sensational. Every time I see sky high brows it makes me wanna bust out the eyebrow wax and cover mine up something fierce. These look great for such a dramatic look, so so high and dark and precise. Awesome.

It’s all over red rover for this year, but if you’d like to cast your eyes over some of the action from this year’s event, check the link below for some colourful galleries:



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