MUSIC: Sinead Love

I saw the clip for ‘Troy’ the other day for the first time in ages – a song from Sinead O’Connor’s first album ‘The Lion and The Cobra’.


I recall reading she was largely influenced by a mentor who motivated her to wrench these songs from her heart and he was spell-bindingly successful.

Seeing this clip again reminded of me just how fierce and passionate Ms O’Connor was when she stormed into the music scene in the 80s, a time dominated by fat cat record label misogynist jerks.

Young Sinead is brimming with scorn, resentment, and betrayal here. Its been claimed that the song is an angry ode to Sinead’s father, and to her hometown of Dublin. Personally I think it’s just a jilted lover song, albeit more intelligent than most- it seems apparent that ‘Troy’ is written about a former lover and the breakup that ensued after they could no longer work things out.

“You should’ve left the light on

And the flames burned away

But you’re still spitting fire

Make no difference what you say

You’re still a liar

You’re still a liar”

Such an impassioned song which elicits some strong emotion. It’s really such a powerful, intense and artistically-challenging piece of work; ¬†Sinead seemingly breathing fire at a lover who crossed her. The young pop minstrels of today (the Ke$has, Gagas and so on) could certainly learn a thing or two from Sinead Marie Bernadette O’Connor ‘s smart, emotive, razor-tongued, banshee-imbibed ballads.

Here’s how pushing the envelope is really done.



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