FASHION OBSESSION: Red Hair and Polka Dots

love this look…..tough but pretty.. pretty and tough.  All the more sweetened by the polka dots and red hair.

I’m beginning to miss my old red hair lately….and wondering if my hair is strong enough to go through it all again?

Deep in my heart, I know the answer is…no.

Here’s some old pics of a younger me sporting some flamey red locks!



ICONICA: Elena Lieu

The work of Elena Lieu TRULY blows my mind.

Like seriously…this lady is in another STRATOSPHERE in terms of talent. Her sugar skull girls are incredibly detailed, her human anatomy work so realistic, her werewolves and ghouls and monsters are incredibly rich and life-like and throughout she displays amazing brushwork and technique.

Wonderful stuff!

Sigh. I have SOOOOO much to learn, such a long way to go!

But luckily for me, people like Elena are paving the way and setting the bar HIGH! Being the competitive person that I am, people like Elena keep me motivated and eager to strive and learn and absorb everything I can, and aim BIG.

Well done Elena, such an inspiration to me. Your work is INCREDIBLE.



FASHION OBSESSION: 1950s Teddy Girls (and Boys)







I am not-so-subtly obsessed with the Edwardian-influenced, tough chic of the Teddy girls. They all look like would kick your ass and then reapply their lipstick. Cute, edgy, badass.

The youth culture of 1950’s London was where the ‘Teddy Boy’ was born. Known for their signature drainpipe trousers and Edwardian jackets, this subculture was considered the first “juvenile delinquents” and while they were a very small movement in terms, their influence carried over into other youth cultures and rebellions well beyond their own time frame and geographic location.

Of course the Teddy Boy movement wasn’t confined to just the fellas. Girls itching to break out of the “humble housewife” confines of the pre-sexual revolution feminine ideal embraced the freedom and rebelliousness of the look and lifestyle in their own, slightly more girlish, way- with a lotta attitude, yet at the same time so much joy.

Teddy girls embodied three of the great issues of the time; class, gender and youth. They rejected the drab costumes of class conformity and post-war austerity. They were pioneers for women looking beyond home for a place to be valued. They were young girls blazing a trail that was to be followed by youth cultures for decades to come.

Trademarks? Pegged pants, oversized jackets, creepers or winklepickers, rocker attitudes and bouffant hairstyles, Teddy Girls (and the Teddy movement in general) were the British equivalent of the American Greaser subculture of the same era.  Androgynous, cheeky, preppy, rocker, casual but put together: love it.

Teenage rebelliousness was just starting to come to a head. The sexual revolution wouldn’t break until the 60’s, but you could feel an undercurrent of the youth movement making it’s way towards the surface. Kids were adamantly pushing against the status quo, embracing a look and attitude that was highly influenced by the new sounds of rock music and American counterculture – from their icons (Marlon Brando, James Dean) to their hairstyles (pompadours, duck’s tails) to their music and fashion (Bill Haley, Johnny Ray, creepers).

Long live the Teddy Girls!


WARRIOR LESSONS: Letting yesterdays lie

So, these past couple o’ days have been a little time of reflection…(cue moody and provocative soundtrack here).

This week seems to be signifying the start of a stronger, more purposeful dimension in ideology and living for me. This past weekend a few emotional events happened which, once worn, experienced, and thoroughly wrung out, have created a sense of closure to me somehow.

There were some people, situations, feelings and memories from the past which kept haunting me, and I finally made a conscious choice to let go.

It’s an interesting, liberating feeling, and one that I certainly hope I can maintain and hold on to.


I’m now focussed on looking to the future and putting a multitude of energy into everything forward-looking in order to fuel the fires for tomorrow – whilst still taking time to step back and smell the goddamn roses!

No more gazing into the past, looking for answers, the wondering, the what ifs?

The past, as I have often over- analysed to death and let consume me on many occasions before, is just that. A beautiful, sometimes sorrowful, well-known landscape through a glass wall; a moving blurred canvas in the distance; a patchwork of fragmented memories that somehow mesh to form a collective identity.

I have sort of crept along to this realisation over a space of time now, but I guess the events of last weekend honed and solidified the process and sparked a synthesis of ideas which led to this place of closure and resolve: I must move on.

From people who hold me back; from scenarios which went awry; from past question with no answers, from my own inner mind and its tangle of sometimes tortured thoughts.

Feeding these ghosts of the past with my thoughts only serves to keep them alive inside me. If I starve them of life and oxygen they can no longer walk my walls; they will have to wither away and fade into oblivion eventually.

I know that in order to reach that space where I am my higher self and giving life my very best- and to reach the personal goals I wish to achieve- I cannot be held back by guilt, by feelings of regret, or any of these negative emotions.



It sounds so simple once I put it into some sort of context, and really, it is.  Where one door closes, another one opens. Such is life and life goes on. This conscious decision to eliminate cloying, manifested thoughts and emotions, has set me on a more focussed path.

It’s now about opening one’s heart to those people in the present who make a genuine impact, and are so worth it – the threads of great friendships past, present and future. I’m amputating the supply to those ghosts, unfulfilled wishes, psychic vampires, what-have-you, that try their darndest to plague and dominate my psyche.

Everyday, I’m feeling more and more a changeling on the brink of purpose and self-discovery. Learning about what really drives me internally, rather than being driven by a need to impress others, or a need to uphold some pseudo synthetic reality or thread of expectation.  Once stripped back and pared down to its essence, my life force isn’t about that any more; its not driven or satisfied by the same motivators.

Its more about tuning in to the primal ticking in one’s heart, the rhythm that sends waves of blood, sticky with purity and purpose, surging through one’s veins.

Onward and upward!


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