WARRIOR LESSONS: C’mon get happy

This image just sums up how I’ve been feeling all week. ALL WEEK I tells ya! Chuckle.

So, this miss has been trying to avoid negative creeps lately; the self-obsessed, woe-is-me types. Lucky for me I have the most amazing man in my life who has this wonderfully positive, strong disposition. He lifts me out of the dark places, makes me strive to be better and hunger for the light.

I don’t want to surround myself with negative energy, life is far too short and I’m too busy trying to build momentum on a whole motherload of awesome.  That said, I know that people have their moments, when they hit a rough patch or hard times befall them.  I’ve been there and so have many of my dearly beloved.  This post does not relate to those people.  We all suffer hard knocks and bumps in the road from time to time.

I am more reflecting on the types of people who constantly play the victim, who seem to not know the meaning of self-sufficiency, of rolling with the punches.  The ones who sit on social network sites all day and bitch and moan and cry about how shit life is because they have no money or other such bullshit total first-world complaints.

People who think their problems are the biggest problems on earth and who give up and expect other people to get them out of their slump.  There are people like this, little psychic vampires, who get through life by playing the mistreated, downtrodden poor-me type.

Can people not get over themselves and see the bigger picture- surely as an adult in the 21st century it can be achieved?  There’s always someone worse off, always. That you can be certain of.

Rant aside, as I’m not meaning to come across all self-righteous (HELL NO) I read something yesterday on someone’s blog (I can’t remember which one and can’t find it in my history, my bad, apologies for not crediting) that they had started to grow really adept at manipulating super negative energy into really beautiful amazing shit.

Here, here. I like this proposition a hellova lot, and it’s kinda where I’m at with this small ramble. 

I’m choosing not to absorb the negative bad air blown my way, if it has no direct impact on me. If it’s something important, from someone important, I’ll do all I can to fix it.

But the rest, I will either deflect, let it slide, or turn that motherfuckin bad jive into a great big ball of walloping super fierce creative propulsion. 

To all of my awesome, beautiful, inspiring renegades and angels out there, who despite your misfortunes and bumps in the road are still soldiering on and being true, I salute you.


(PS. If you’re not- do something about it)




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