ABOUT: Watch this space

Welcome to my little online space. My little corner of the world, a portal for a self-confessed voyeur, wanderer, ponderer, cosmic gypsy and a tad-excessive soul.  A wild-child with a heart full of dreams and a head for success; independent, ambitious, extremely self-motivated and driven to make the most out of opportunities for greatness.

Its where I can share and indulge in the manic, the beautiful, the spontaneous, the highfalutin and the just plain absurd.

Here you’ll find things I love and things that make my senses zing. Things inspired by mania. Nature.  And magic.  Cacophonies of colour, psychedelia, walls of noise, all things tasty and delicious.

I thrive off riots of sound, and giant big outbursts of love and soul.

Liberation, transformation, colour, fashion, art, the creative process, glamour, costumery, rock n roll, pop culture, self-discovery and transformation. They all play a part in this show.

As a lover of adventure and pushing the boundaries when it comes to creative self-expression, I welcome you to my playground.

Dive in, hold your breath, experience, share, observe.

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

There are no rules here, only imagination.



Hey lovers, leave me a comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts....

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