TOOL TIPS: Furless Makeup – new brush crush

So I stumbled across this little site today – FURLESS, a cruelty-free Australian cosmetic supplier.

Whilst doing some web meandering, I found out that cosmetic giants Avon, Mary Kay and Estée Lauder have recently been removed from PETA’s cruelty-free list after it was discovered the three companies have returned to testing their products on animals.  Saddening, especially considering the Estee Lauder group owns so many other companies such as Bobbi Brown, who themselves can’t come out with a straight answer about their stance on animal testing when questioned.   Bobbi Brown’s official take is along the lines of “Our products are not tested on animals except when absolutely mandated by law”. So there you have it. They don’t, but they do!

Anyway, it’s a long story, and definitely one that warrants further investigation and telling, which I’m sure I will get to in another post when I’m a little more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and well rested and full of fight again!

While reading about this I inadvertently ended up on the PETA website again, as I wanted to check their cruelty-free list and other such resources. It really is a handy reference for anyone who is serious about animal welfare and wants to take a stand against animal cruelty. 

Looking around PETA I came across a link back to an Australian company producing high-quality, vegan, and cruelty-free makeup, makeup brushes, bags, cases, and brush belts.  I was instantly intrigued to learn more and I must say on inspection of their site, and reading some of their press and feedback, I think I will be purchasing some of their brushes PRONTO.

Its products are so sleek and glamorous and this brush set looks sexy as hell.

Can’t go wrong with purple, in my book!

Tha SEX!! If these babies aren’t enough to pique your interest they also have a luxe, limited edition range, including this to-die for red tipped kabuki brush:!! And the prices are what really took me aback.

Around $10  – $15 for a single brush (outrageous considering the quality) and the sets are around $30 – $40 AUD for a set of EIGHT (!) very decent all-rounder brushes, perfect for me.

I’ve been looking to upgrade my pretty dismal collection of brushes of late, especially now that I’m starting to get pretty hot and heavy into my makeup artistry and its more than just a passing fad.

I really need some good quality tools which are the business, and of course I would much prefer a good quality synthetic brush over even an animal fur brush that claims to be harvested sans cruelty.

That stuff I find can never really be validated and I’d rather be sure that my brushes aren’t made from a furry friend’s hair or pelt.  And I would much rather pay under $100 for a couple of really good cruelty free brushes that look and feel and apply wonderfully, just as good as any big-name prestige brush on the market for around 5 times the price.

The great thing about Furless, apart from the fact that they’re cruelty-free, totally good-looking and receiving heaps of props, is that –

  • Their products are environmentally friendly—all of its packaging is biodegradable, recyclable, and/or made from recycled materials
  • Their website explains why synthetic makeup brushes are superior to animal brushes
  • They provide makeup tips and tricks from women who’ve shared their secrets via Facebook
  • They ship worldwide
  • They have industry discounts for MUAs, bloggers and product reviewers = awesome!

Love your work, FURLESS.  I look forward to testing out some of these pretty, cruelty-free fur babies myself!

Get into FURLESS peeps – show them some love!



MUSIC: Right now…there is Hope

I think this song is the embodiment of musical perfection, in a nutshell.  The simple, graceful yet hauntingly beautiful musical arrangement, topped by Hope Sandoval’s gorgeous, peaceful, ethereal vocal. I think every girl my age grew up wanting to be Hope Sandoval. She’s like some kind of dark fallen angel.

Sigh.  Just too good.

Instantly transports me back to a younger time, 15 or 16, spending time in my room after school, ignoring the world, listening to records and the radio, painting, doodling, not studying, learning guitar.

Simpler, more innocent times.


MUSINGS: I know what I like…..

I like old xerox flyers and 80s VHS interpretations of the future

William Gibson stories

My best friends and my close family

The letter O



Japanese ukiyo-e art

Yojhi Yamamoto

Gareth Pugh

The Cramps



Bowie and his Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane personas

Trent Reznor

silent film noir

big butts (and I cannot lie)

Audrey and other muses from that golden era of film

Femme hip hop pioneers like Neneh Cherry…..raw like sushi

Rock and roll

Rickenbacker guitars

Rick Owens

David Lynch

Detour Magazine circa 1998

polka dots

space boots

zillion pairs of sunglasses

collage and montage

agent provocateur lingerie

cruelty free cosmetics

Kevyn Aucoin

Helmut Newton

Christian Slater and Winona Ryder in Heathers

Graphic novels

Heavy winged eyeliner

The Cars

Charlotte Free

Boy George

The friends I have collected through the years, and the little creatures I have created



“Life is too short for hate, love to love while you can”



MUSINGS: Music and creative artistic endeavour

Music is such an important thread in the fabric of my life. It has been a major part of my life since I was a wee tot.

My adoration for music, and compulsion for tune collecting, is what keeps me breathing through the good and the bad.

Lyrics, artists, fashions, trends, icons, tragedies, myths, legends.  The colours and the spaces between notes and the complexities of a landscape of sonic sound waves.

Music constantly inspires, amuses, calms, soothes, evokes emotion, riles, lights me up, elicits conversation and debate, creates common bonds, happy memories, shared experiences.

It’s such a powerful medium of expression that overflows into everything I do, and I could not live without it.

I listen to music in some form or another pretty much all day every day. I don’t play favourites anymore; I’ve given up on that long ago. Now I just revel in an amazingly vast and deep appreciation for a range of different sounds and styles.  Whatever sounds good to me at the time and suits my mood or frame of mind, works for me.

Lately I’ve been keenly exploring the synergy between music and creative, artistic endeavour;  the unique sine waves that different types of music create that lock into different parts of the psyche, as if by magic.  I love exploring how different sounds and different types of music affect my mood, my art, my headspace and my practice.

Sometimes it’s subliminal, deep techno that will put me in an amazingly alpha -creative state; other times it brash, overt, propulsive industrial aggrotech that will force my heart to pump blood through my veins that bit faster and enable my adrenalin to peak to an ultra-alert state.

Other times, film scores, obscure 50s moog records, stoned sunday dub, psych rock, classical/ baroque, kraut rock, old rocksteady 45s, and a smorgasbord of otherworldly sounds, will put me in the right state to achieve that state of flow that seems to yield some of my better results; those outcomes that happen when the subconscious is allowed to roam freely and is challenged to the point that it is stimulated and motivated without constraint.

Music is my life, and my life is music.

I’d love to hear what gets you going.


ABOUT: Sinspirations… a rhapsody in mostly mono

Colour lust; insatiable desires. Power… creating a relationship between a the subject and the voyeur.

Shapes that intrigue and engage an audience, the fetish of the frame, deciding what exists within an image, expressing a feeling or concept.

Sex or death, sometimes both.

Space. Bowie. Death. Cats. Telepathy. Moongazing. Dreams.