Need to declutter your makeup bag? Introducing trèStiQue!

Is your makeup collection taking over your life? Our friends over at Hello Giggles have discovered a rad new makeup line that’s as clever as it is cute, and designed to help you streamline!

Introducing trèStiQue- a collection of pencils and crayons that are compact and portable, thus providing a solution to a serious hoarding situation! Makeup junkies rejoice, your on-the-go makeup loot can now be kept in check with all your necessities at your fingertips.

The alternative beauty line was created by Jennifer Kapahi and features makeup essentials for lips, face and eyes in a portable, easy to use format.

trèStiQue’s mission is to simplify without compromising your usual beauty routine.  Instead of carrying around a full set of products PLUS the tools needed for application, the tools are built in with the makeup.

For example, their blush stick has a brush attached to the opposite end, so instead of carrying a blush palette and a separate brush, trestique’s blusher has the makeup and its applicator together in one handy stick!  It’s like a really genius, cute, oversized crayon.


Clean freaks, this is where it gets super genius: the products also feature magnetic caps (yes!)  The first of their kind in the market, the magnetic seal means you can fret no longer over spills and rogue lip liner caps; these suckers ain’t moving. I can’t begin to tell you how many mishaps I’ve had due to missing lids going hell-knows-where and leaving their pigment all over everything else, makeup bag included. Its the little things, y’know.

An added bonus of the range? Most of the products are refillable, which we like a lot. When you need a new brush or you run out of lip balm, you can easily get a refill and not have to replace the entire product. #winning.

up Lip Crayon Red

Cheek stick bronzer product tool brazilian bronze

This new, simple approach to makeup will help any serious makeup junkie become a de-cluttering expert in no time.

You can view the full collection here.




Red Stocking Shoot

I recently had the pleasure in being involved in a very fun, glamour meets grunge look shot in abandoned warehouse in inner Melbourne.  It had been something that photographer Darren Wood and I had been trying to get happening for a few weeks, and after a couple of false starts, we finally landed the talents of two extraordinary models; burlesque artist, pinup and alternative model, Lucky Dip; and seasoned ink model, published megababe and surf betty, Kylie De Costa. Both ladies are friends are were incredibly enthusiastic about being involved in the shoot when we were casting it. We jumped at  the chance to involved them as they both exude such energy and vigour in their shots and both seem to really love turning it on for the camera and doing interesting shoots. Not to mention they are both amazingly gorgeous in their own right!

We had an awesome day shooting around the old abandoned mill. The place had so much character and is a massive space full of interesting rooms, hallways and crevices in which to shoot against a background of decay and abandonment. Full of light streaming through broken windows, strewn with broken glass and litter, with the faint sound of someone layering graffiti upon the paint-adorned walls, it was equal parts amazing, spooky and visually amazing.

As we set up and I started prepping our gorgeous models, another shoot was in progress; someone was hanging from the ceiling, entwined in colourful circus silks. Magic.

Although a cold day, some autumn rays shone through parts of the warehouse and warmed up our brave models who had to put up with the chill whilst wearing stockings and fishnets. Sorry ladies! The many onlookers who roam and scout through the abandoned site didn’t seem to mind 🙂

Below are some of photographer Darren’s captures from our day. A truly epic effort from all involved! thank you team, you were amazing.


Photographer: Darren Wood Photography

Hair and Makeup: Danee Sunshyne Makeup and Creative

Models: Lucky Dip and Kylie de Costa

Photographer’s Assistant: Rick Loader from 18 Elements

Red Stocking Shoot

Red Stocking Shoot


Red Stocking Shoot

Red Stocking Shoot

Red Stocking Shoot

Red Stocking Shoot

Red Stocking Shoot

Red Stocking Shoot


Red Stocking Shoot

_DSC5877  Red Stocking Shoot



Red Stocking Shoot

To follow are some of the shots that Photography Assistant Rick Loader took on the day also:





STYLE STALK: Shirley Manson

The enigmatic Shirley Manson has long been a girl crush of mine. Ever since she entered my teenage world as front woman of dark pop ensemble Garbage in the 90s, I have adored the gutsy, sexy charisma she exudes by the bucketful. With her extraordinary style and exceptional talent she’s arguably one of THE female touchstones of 90s alternative rock and an empowering inspiration for women.  She defined the ’90s vixen, with that Scottish brogue that was sultry and empowering all at once.

With that amazing fiery hair, mega attitude, blood red lips, and a set of pipes that could out-snarl a wolf,  she engages audiences around the world with her intimate, vulnerable and honest lyrics about gender, identity and self-acceptance. Famously outspoken, she continually inspires legions of fans across the globe with her edgy, DIY feminist vibe and take-no-prisoners attitude.


Listening to 2005’s “Bleed Like Me” on high rotation helped to nurse me through a particularly challenging time in my life, the end of a 7 year relationship. That album, with its bristling sleaze, gloom and noisy grungy pop, helped me release some kind of inner relationship demons and somehow assisted in the crawl through to the other side, a life of rediscovery. Songs about beloved freaks and lying lovers, designed to stoke the last dance at the end of days, were kind of a panacea at the time.

Fierce, brave and provocative are words that often spring to mind when I think of Shirley. Following her on social media for the last few years, I could also add whip-smart, utterly compassionate, open minded and wise to that mix. Shirley doesn’t have a problem standing up for what is unjust and cruel in the world, and I just love that quality in a person.

The lady has made a big impression on me throughout the years as a strong, iconic gutsy frontwoman and also as a style icon. I am just so in love with that amazing mane of hair which just seems to get better and more glorious by the day. I adore her alabaster skin, and am amazed by that beautiful pout that speaks so much truth and knowledge and wisdom about this big, dark, beautiful world. But most of all I love her mind and her soul.

“I started wearing mini skirts in bright colours with Dr. Martens and lots of makeup – my obsession with makeup reaches fetishist proportions! It started when I was a teenager working behind the beauty counter at Selfridges.”

Shirley Manson styled by B Akerlund for & Other Stories

“Makeup is a bit like magic: it can completely change the way you look and the way you feel, and I find the process of putting it on very relaxing, almost like meditating. I particularly love lipstick (MAC’s Lady Danger is my all-time favourite), which in the 90s became my style signature.”

Shirley Manson styled by B Akerlund for & Other Stories

“Focusing on sex appeal can be dangerous, since it’s the first thing to fade away, and I’d like to build my life on more solid ground than that. I want to enjoy getting older and be graceful as I grow up, which is why my style has changed with time… It would be pretty scary if I was still dressing like I did in my twenties!

“Anyone can wear an amazing designer’s outfit, but it doesn’t make you stylish. Style is about who you are and how you live your life.”

“The sensation of never feeling good enough or pretty enough will always be there. It’s a constant dialogue, and you just learn to be more powerful than that other voice. When you hear it come up, you shut it down.”

Shirley Manson / Photo by Cameron Krone

“I have a certain tendency towards the dark that defines me as a singer. I’m not a show-pony girl. I’m not all bright and pink and fluffy. I look at the world with a slight melancholy, always. I think people who are attracted to the band share that. I see death coming and I don’t shirk it.”

“To me, who you are is the most important thing. What you do says more about your value in the world than how you look. I really believe that, and those are the strengths you can rely on when things get tough, because they inevitably do. That line of thinking stops women from believing in themselves as artists, from being curious and brave. “

“I like the feeling that I’m giving young women self-confidence. It sounds so cliched, but it can be very moving.”

Shirley Manson of Garbage, No Tufu Magazine


“I admire people who are really put together, but standing next to them, I feel very shambolic… So I guess the way I look somehow stems from that sense of vulnerability.”

Shirley Manson of Garbage, No Tufu Magazine 4

“Western cultures are fixated with youth to the point of hysteria, but there are great things that come with age: comfort, confidence and self-knowledge. For instance, it took me a long time to feel comfortable with my red hair, but now I actually colour it to make even more intensely flaming… turns out I love it!”

Shirley Manson of Garbage, No Tufu Magazine 1

BEAUTY FLASHBACK: Dark Romance in Nylon Magazine

Loving this ode to dark seductive grungy glamour, from Nylon’s August 2014 issue. It’s all about the texture in those lashes and the mysterious flashes of colour.

Nylon, August 2014
Photographer: Jamie Nelson
Stylist: Savanna White
Hair and Makeup: Andrita Renne and Jenny Smith
Model: Zanna Van Vostenbosch

Remembering Our Starman

Often is the case with your heroes, you never want to let them go. For years, I’d absolutely dreaded the possibility of David Bowie leaving us; it just could not be. Pure denial is often the safest way with your idols; foolish, yes, but safe.

10th January 2016 marks the grey, weird, sad day that everyone’s favourite starman left this mortal coil and transcended to the other side. And boy, was I unprepared. Shock, disbelief, horror, denial, all washed over me with the might of a tsunami. This couldn’t be real right? Had to be a rumour. Facebook must have been hacked. Then, like wildfire, the news spread through the media, gaining momentum as it was officially confirmed in a tweet from his son, then more credible news sources. Fuck. What on earth would we do now?

Bowie, as an artist, human, entertainer, as my hero, was everything to me. The bastion of the strange and bawdy, the poster boy for the outsiders, he remained the constant thread that wove though my life, holding together a tapestry of beautiful times, sadness, change and occasional turmoil. His music formed the soundtrack to poignant moments in my life, his lyrics like an open love letter to all who heard them. As an awkward teen struggling with my self-identity, Bowie taught me and countless others that it was OK to be different, that it was alright to lay claim to being outside of the mainstream. It was perfectly cool to shun what society classed as normal and celebrate individuality. I was deeply intrigued by the man, the mythology and of course, his amazing music and flamboyant style. Bowie smashed through cultural barriers in a whirl of glittery, sexually-liberated flamboyance. Through characters such as Ziggy Stardust, Halloween Jack and Aladdin Sane he embodied the art of transformation, shaking conservative norms to the core and paving the way for gender fluidity and acceptance – after all, it didn’t matter if you were a boy or a girl, queer, straight, or from Mars.

For a time I fantasised that I was somehow related to Bowie, convincing myself for a good year or two that it made perfect, absolute sense that I shared DNA with one of modern music’s greatest innovators. In Bowie, I had found a kindred spirit, as many others had, and that knowledge was divine. Among many fond memories, his performance in Perth in 2004 for the Reality Tour remains as a pinnacle; a show that will forever be emblazoned in my memory as a true life highlight. Being a few rows back in a crowd of thousands, all rising to their feet as they heard the iconic first strains of ‘Rebel Rebel’, was a surreal, astounding experience. Seeing everyone around me reduced to tears and near-hysterical screams of pure joy as we caught our first glimpse of our larger-than-life hero, is something I will never forget. The show was impeccable and I felt electrified seeing and hearing him in the flesh.

As a makeup artist and creative type, Bowie’s art and iconic, chameleon style has filled my mind and soul with so much fire. The amazing, provocative costumes, the beautifully executed glam stage makeup, those boundary-defying music videos, that effortless individuality. Bowie’s ability to transform and stay relevant, all whilst remaining so true to himself and his art. I had so much respect and gratitude that someone out there just GOT it.

Bowie always just got it. He circled the perimeter of the mainstream, leering at it, taking bites out of it, all the while eschewing what the herd were doing and reinventing his sound and his style into something completely fresh and new. Over the decades, he has remained at the forefront, pushing the envelope, challenging the norm, blazing a trail so fucking huge and bright that it would spellbind and enlighten all that encountered his force. He filled hearts with desire and minds with a myriad of ideas and inspiration. He never stopped exploring and pioneering, reaching out to new audiences and blowing minds with his unique vision and amazing ability to engage, transgress and inspire.

He was completely one of a kind, untouchable, seemingly invincible. A hero for the downtrodden and forgotten; constantly creating such an insanely powerful connection to his fans through words, images, ideas and emotions. The ultimate chameleon who taught us it’s ok to be weird, as long as you own it. He never stopped re-inventing and creating, even up to his last masterpiece Blackstar; the final chapter of an amazing, larger-than-life existence that totally spellbound us all.

He will always be completely inimitable, a true, multi-talented trail-blazer who created magic, wonder and awe everywhere. I feel grateful and fortunate having lived in the same lifetime as the ultimate chameleon, pioneer and renaissance man.

Let’s never let him go.

LOOK OF THE WEEK: Be My Valentine

Hey lovers! What did you get up to for that ever-so-important ‘day of love’, Valentine’s Day? Although I generally dislike the tokenism of such a day – Little Ms Love-in over here is akin to showing love whenever she pleases thank you very much – I still can’t help but be swept away by notions of love hearts and pink fluffy bunnies and roses and all that shit.

I put together this cute little V-day inspired on Feb 14…not because I believe in the virtue of hallmark celebrations, but basically because I never need an excuse to wear a pink wig and put red love hearts all over myself. Why should we only be limited to one day of the year?

With this look I experimented with some of my Milani pigments on the eyes, in hues of fucshia and deep plum for the eye socket.  I highlighted the inner socket with some shiny bright white and lined the eyes with a deep inky black liner from Inglot. Love this eyeliner, its one of my faves.

Lips were a mix of tints from my red palette and lined in black blended in to the red for an ombre effect. I also drew on some hearts around my neckline outlined in black and shaded in greys to make them stand out against my skin tone; just because.  I stuck the red foil mini hearts on with clear Duo eyelash glue.

I then took some silly photos and bam, here you go.  Hope you enjoy!

And remember, no matter what day of the year it is, its always ok to show someone how much you love them. Surprising and unexpected gestures at any time go a long way to show someone you care, yes? Good.





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